Michelle Oh


Michelle Oh Xue Qi (胡雪琪)is a practicing lawyer since 2015 and was graduated from Multimedia University in 2014. She read in chamber at Messrs Soon Gan Dion & Partners and was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya on 15 May 2015. Along her practice, her area of practice is mainly in real estate and land matters as well as banking and finance transactions.

She joined Chur Associates in January 2018 as a legal assistant and her current practice in Chur Associates is conveyancing under the lead of Ting Ting and Noelle Khoh. The teammates including the lawyer Farah, and supported by Chye En, Yati, Dila, Kaecy, Aina, Sikin, Sharifah, and Zulaika.

As a Real Estate lawyer, she is expert in:-

  • Sales and Purchase Transaction
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Banking
  • Developer’s project advisory
  • Strata advisory
  • Deed of Mutual Covenants
  • Financing Mortgage
  • Financing Settlement
  • Deed of Gift
  • Perfection of Charge
  • Perfection of Transfer
  • Power of Attorney

Due to her real estate experiences in previous firm, she is able to handle the cases independently and professionally when she is new to Chur Associates. She is often assisting the firm and Managing Partner Chris Tan to handle the real estate enquiry from media such as Facebook, The Edge, 潮楼, and etc.

In term of communication, Michelle is proficient in Chinese, English and Malay. And she is able to speak Mandarin fluently. The multilingual enables her to understand the clients better and helps them to solve the issue.

Michelle is also practicing these CAlture along her years of service in CA, which is Team, Flexible, Proactive and Efficiency.

As a young and energetic lawyer, what is Chur Associates to her?

“Work-life balance? Checked

Flexibility? Checked

Fun and Snacks? Checked

And that’s what CA offered!”