Pua Jing Yi


Pua Jing Yi (潘敬懿) is a practicing lawyer since 2007. She was graduated in law from National University of Malaysia and then read in chamber at M/s Chung, Hasnal & Partners before she joined CA. She gained her initial experience in Banking and General Litigation. During her course of study, Jing Yi was an avid mooter in Moot Competitions. She once served as one of the volunteer for Kuala Lumpur Legal Aid Centre, with the hope that her knowledge in law can serve the society and community.

In 2010, Pua Jing Yi was promoted as Partner of CA. Thereafter, Pua Jing Yi is responsible for the Firm’s Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property and Family portfolio. Besides that, Pua Jing Yi also being invited to share her legal knowledge in various media, i.e. 8TV, NTV7活力加油站 and Ai FM 爱生活. The topics she shared in Ai FM including:

  • 房子被租户占为己有,怎么办?
  • 离婚之前之后,你的误解有多少?
  • 不法解雇员工,道理人情说不清楚。
  • 被判破产,给生活套上什么枷锁?这个锁该如何被解开?
  • 当你宣泄你的不满或者怒气时,是否不小心踩到诽谤的地雷
  • 商标注册,让你独一无二
  • 法律结构下的房东和租户关系可以双赢吗?
  • 一个听起来敏感的话题,你立遗嘱了吗?有这个需要吗?
  • 分层管理仲裁庭是楼层纠纷的救星吗?
  • 离婚法令的条款对你和孩子未来的影响是什么?
  • 不满就可以告人?
  • 谈新旧穷籍法令
  • 如何确认发展商完善交托分层管理事务?
  • 婚姻心法之婚前篇
  • 在父母遗产里谈亲情与法律

Besides that, she also contributed her article on Nanyang Siang Pau to address the issues of reader such as:

  • 预立遗嘱的重要性,越清楚越好
  • 分层管理仲裁庭-是纠纷救星
  • 房东和租户可双赢?
  • 注册商标-让你独一无二
  • 在预算案里探讨法律锦囊
  • 什么是诽谤?
  • 如何解开破产枷锁?
  • 分层管理左右生活素质
  • 租户死赖不搬?看招!

Invite Jing Yi to talk

Pua Jing Yi has co-author a book 《婚姻心法》 in 2019, proudly produced and published by the Firm. And 2 sharing sessions was conducted on this topic to create the public awareness.

She is proficient in Chinese, English and Malay. And she is able to speak Mandarin and Cantonese as well. The multilingual enables her to understand the clients better and helps them to solve the issue.

As a Litigation Lawyer, she is expert in:-

  • Bankruptcy / Insolvency
  • Winding up
  • Employment / Industrial Relations
  • Construction
  • Breach of Contract
  • Negligence / Nuisance
  • Injunction
  • Trademark
  • Passing-off
  • Debt Recovery
  • Writ of Distress
  • Writ of Possession
  • Strata Dispute Advisory

And she is also handle family and succession cases such as:-

  • Administration of Estate
  • Will Writing
  • Probate
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody / Guardianship

Yet, Jing Yi is handling property dispute issues like:-

  • Strata Dispute
  • Tenancy Dispute

Engage Jing Yi to help you

CA believe in human capital and the importance of a team. Being the leader of Litigation Team, she is leading the lawyers Sean Lee and Brandon Lim, and supported by the legal support Sheila to solve our clients’ issues. Besides that, as the Partner of Service, she is also leading the Operation Team which including Irene, Arif, and Zulhilmi from Accounts department, Azmir, Kaya, Judy and Zahir from front line and Pancy from Business Development.

Jing Yi is practicing these CAlture along her years of service in CA, which is Approachable, Flexible, Understanding and Respect.

Designated as a Partner for Service

Jing Yi maintains the level of service provided by the entire Firm to ensure a standard befitting of the Chur Associates’ brand. The Firm strongly upholds commitment to first class service delivery and Jing Yi is responsible for ensuring this philosophy is upheld and maintained in everyday workings within the Firm. As such, she is also responsible for attending to any point of concern raised by our clients. Chur Associates very own 6Nature is within her purview.

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