Civil Litigation

Strata Management Disputes

Dealing with property owners, property managers and developer in regards of strata management issues.

refer to our publication about Strata Management

Bankruptcy / Insolvency

(Claim above RM50k)

  • Suing a person Bankrupt
  • Defending a person from being sued Bankrupt
  • Apply for discharge as Bankrupt


(Claim above RM10k against a Sdn Bhd)

  • Obtaining Winding-up Order
  • Execution of monetary judgment

Employment / Industrial Relations

Advise on employer-employee relationship, employment contracts, bargaining agreements, protection from discrimination, wages and hours, and health and safety.


Dealing with legal matters relating to building construction, engineering and breach of contract.

Breach of Contract

  • Give advice when a binding agreement or bargained-for exchange is not honoured
  • Suing or defending non-performance or interference with the other party’s performance

Negligence / Nuisance

Advise on breach of duty of care result in damages and acts which are harmful or offensive to the public.


Assist in obtaining equitable remedy as a court order that compels a party to do or refrain from specific acts.

Trademark and Intellectual Property Protection

Apply for registration any word, name, symbol, or design used in commerce to identify and distinguish the goods of one from another and claim against any infringement.

refer to our guide to trademark registration


Suing or defending people making some false representation likely to induce a person to believe that the goods or services are those of another.

Debt Recovery

Assist in recovering a debt from a loan, credit line or accounts receivable either in whole or in part.

Writ of Distress

Assist in seizing personal property for the satisfaction of a demand.

Writ of Possession

Assist in informing the tenant that the tenant must leave the rental unit by a certain time period.

Homebuyer Claims

Advise on home buyer dispute

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Corporate Advisory

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

An agreement between the partners beyond the LLP Act.

Shareholders Relation

An agreement between the shareholders defining their rights and obligations.


Draft the agreement which states the nature of the business, capital contributed by each partner, and their rights and liabilities. (min. 2 partners max. 20 partners)

Put and Call Option

Granting of “options” as a right, eg: to purchase, to be exercised by the receiver within a period of time.

Joint Venture / Collaboration

Stipulates the responsibilites and entitlement of the parties in a joint undertakings or business.

Licensing / Distribution/ Franchise

Rights to use/sell the services or products for commercial purpose within the control granted by licensor/supplier.

Service Level

Stipulates the obligations and rights between the principal and the contractor.

General Business Agreement

Rights and obligations between parties in a business undertakings.

Assets / Business Sales

Outline the various terms and conditions for the sale and purchase of business and/or assets.

Shares Sale

Sale and purchase of shares in a company generally stipulating manner of payments, transfer of shares, rights and obligations pending and after shares transfer and the due diligence exercise.


Stipulates manner of settlement, eg: payment of cash/shares, in kinds/services, by conduct, etc.

Friendly Loan

Stipulates the terms of payment and repayment between Borrower and Lender, between closely associated parties such as friends, family or acquaintances.


Prepare a contract to attribute right and responsibilities between employer and employee.

Property Development Project Joint Venture

Joint venture in undertaking property development project generally stipulating the obligations of the parties’ obligation.

Business Restructuring

Assist a corporate to review and revise their letters, meeting minutes, agreements, memorandum of understanding and policies.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance matters, eg: Personal Data Protection Act 2010, GST, Competition laws, E-Commerce Regulation etc.

Vetting and Advisory

To highlight important terms and providing legal opinion/advice and to address client’s concerns/issues in the contract in negotiation.

Legal Department Outsourcing

Legal department outsourcing by providing wide-ranging services from drafting, vetting and advisory on documents, structures, compliance with fixed monthly fees.

Business Financing – Equity/Debt/Assets/Transaction

Listing Advisory, M&A, Syndicated loan, Trade Financing, Overdraft, etc

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Family & Succession

Administration of Estate

Draft Will

  1. Apply for Grant of Probate
  2. Apply for Grant of Letter of Administration

Will Writing

Assist in drafting a will that permits the testator to make decisions on how his estate will be managed and distributed after his death.

refer to our publication about Will


Apply from the court for the permission to have the instructions in a Will carried out by the Executor appointed.


  • Apply for divorce from court
  • Advise of matters to deal with during and after divorce
  • Advise on husband and wife’s rights

refer to our publication about Marriage

Child Custody / Guardianship

Advise on custody right of parents and apply from court for custody order

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Property Advisory


Representing the successful bidder (purchaser) to purchase the auctioned property including attending to the necessary documents in ensuring the ownership of property is transferred to the successful bidder.

Deed of Mutual Covenants

Drafting the required rules and regulations (including home rule) which shall be complied by the Owners and Developers in relation to the administration and usage of common properties/facilities in order to ensure the harmonious occupation and the effectiveness of management for strata development.

Financing Mortgage

Ensuring financial institutions’ interests as lenders are protected while facilitating the disbursement of financing funds to borrowers including preparing the necessary security documents and advising if necessary from time to time for conventional as well as Islamic financing.

Financing Settlement

Facilitating the borrowers to discharge their liabilities owed to financial institutions upon settlement of debt including ensuring the financial institution release/discharge all the collateral securities.

Deed of Gift

Transfer of property with the consideration in non-monetary form (by love and affection).

Perfection of Charge

Registering the financial institution’s interest as chargee with land office upon issuance of individual/strata title.

Perfection of Transfer

Registering the owner’s interest as proprietor with land office upon issuance of individual/strata title.

Sale & Purchase Transaction

Facilitating the sale and purchase of immovable property including preparing the documents and ensuring the ownership of property is transferred to the purchaser and the vendor is getting his entitlement.

Strata Development Advisory

Advising the development of stratified property/building single or mix houses including plan and drafting the deed of mutual covenants & formation of joint management body.

Tenancy Agreement

Preparing a contract between tenant and landlord which allows the tenant to occupy the demised premises peacefully and the landlord to receive the rental.


Preparing your loan agreement for your business, property sales and purchase and related legal documents.

Land Dealing

Advising the sales and purchase of a land deal that might involve complexity of process.

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