On the CA front, I am devoted to inward focus on the fundamentals of our services by getting the tools, systems and mindset ready for our next phase of development. As a young toddler barely walking stably, CA must ensure we can stand firm before we learn to walk faster, run and then sprint. The key is one step at a time while waiting for the faithful opportunity call.

Good News:

  1. While we in the process of getting the paper done, here is the name of our associate in Colombo: ~ “The Chamber of Tilak N. Gunawardana & Nalinda A. Premachandra”
  2. We have been notified to collect the keys for CA New Home. Renovation however can only starts after the Certificate of Fitness. Watch this space!

IDR Watch: My article on the legal framework of IDR – “New Game, New Rules” was published in the Edge (Malaysian’s premier business publication) recently. You can still read it at CA Web, and for those of you who have commented, thank you!

We still eagerly await the announcement of the Incentives and Supports Program (ISP). In all likelihood, it will be after Mid September. We are pre-occupied currently with the golden celebration of our 50th years of nationhood and a much anticipated Budget announcement befitting of such celebration.

NCER Alert: New Section – making the trip all the way north to attend one of the four launches of yet another visionary project of the current administration; I am very clear about the Vision 2020 like game plan. It would be very interesting to observe the form and frame of the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) and its executive powers. If getting the Federal Government to work closely with one State Government in the IDR is a masterpiece, try having it with four (4) State Governments – smell like a long process of conciliation.

Being a northern son myself, I certainly hope for the best!

Calendar: It’s been a month of trips cancellation. No Bandung, No JB and now No Dubai of which I’m suppose to be flying back now.

September is also a month of result announcements, all the best to Josephine, Chye En and Calvin with fingers firmly crossed.