The CA Service Standard – 6nature®

6nature® is a set of service standards that we have created for our clients to benchmark our service level. It is also the theme of our 6th anniversary that we define our 6nature® so you can know what you’re getting from Chur Associates® – a distinctive CA Experience.

Our 6nature® is the 6 things we do as a law firm which define our “nature”, and our “signature”’ per say – that extra bit of green sugar you get when you entrust us to act for you.

Over the years, CA has developed a corporate philosophy which embodies the idea of a commitment to first class service delivery. Our 6nature® captures this philosophy – the essence of the CA Experience.

It’s what differentiates us as a law firm from the rest. It’s more than a list of 6 aspirations; it’s the 6 easy ways that you can spot CA’s services, in terms of physical collateral, personal engagement and service quality.

By committing to this high level of delivery at all time – and meeting this commitment we build long tern relationship with you. Our 6nature™ is a list of personal and physical items which you get every time you indulge in our services.

Presenting our very own 6nature®:

CA 6nature 1 – Minutes Delivery

Minutes recording are the backbone of achieving specific tasks and it’s important to get them out quickly. With CA you will get the Minutes the next business day after any meeting. Importantly, at each meeting we get all parties to commit to the deliverables then and there. This will help keep the momentum and help everyone achieve results.

CA 6nature 2 – Timely Quotation to be effective immediately

One of the worst things about engaging a law firm is worrying about the costs – and what you’re getting billed for. At CA it is our policy to give you an idea of costs quickly and at the very moment you engage our services. We don’t want you to be scared by hidden and uncertain fees – we’re upfront with it. You are making informed decision all the time!

CA 6nature 3 – Next Business Day’s Response

Timely responses are important. As such, we make sure we reply to all client’s correspondence by the next business day before 5:55 (exclusive of Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday and CA Designated Holiday). We make sure we stay on top of your files all the time.

CA 6nature 4 – Key Service Guide

Engaging professional services can be daunting at times. CA wants you to feel guided all the time and we are accountable to you. Upon confirming our appointment as your preferred legal service provider, you will be given a simple guide that contained key information like File Reference Number, Subject Matter, contact details of the Person on Charge as well as that of the alternate Person in Charge. At least, you know there is always someone you can talk.

CA 6nature 5 – On the Dot

At CA, time is important to us. We understand the value of every minute. That is why we deliver on time service to suit your needs and schedules. We negotiate, we agree and we deliver On The Dot!

CA 6nature 6 – Closing Brief

CA understands the necessity of maintaining our high level of service throughout your entire experience with CA. That is why upon the closing of your file you will receive written notification of the completion of your matter, along with reference number and the name of the CAtizen assisting you. If there are any important intricacies of your case, these will be outlined within a remark for you in the letter, as we understand it can be difficult keeping up with everything that occurred during your time working with CA.