CAlture 2.0

Our values are incripted to what we defined as our “CAlture”, obviously a culture with a distinct CA twist!

We recognize first and foremost that Chur Associates® is a TEAM. There is no super hero amongst us, everyone is a leader in what each and every one of us does best. Setting aside the personal differences, we trust each other in our delivery of any promises given with the best interest of CA at heart. We CAtizen, we trust each other completely. Like a family we don’t choose each other but love each other unconditionally no matter what happened. Trust is the foundation of what CA is all about.

Building on our very original DNA of being transparent that connect all our stakeholders internally and externally, this unique CAlture is evolving nicely into UNDERSTANDING. We open ourselves to understand every task given to us and offer our best intention to complete it with distinction. We practice active listening before offering our constructive input, as well as the benefit of a doubt as everyone starts with a good intention and fighting a battle not known to us. We starts the necessary changes and be the change that we wish to see from the other.

RESPECT to us, means to take everyone to be unique and special in their very own way and offer encouragement whenever possible. We earn respect with our actions and give respect whenever it is due. Basic  courtesy for friendly environment is our way of life and we will always use a little thoughtfulness in our communication to get the you closer to your objective.

We are APPROACHABLE, we understand that we are essentially dealing with humans that require a lot of compassions and sensibilities. At the end of any issues, there is always another person. Keep the door open and believe that the best of human nature shall always prevail. We have an environment in CA that encourages nothing but possibilities.

Most importantly, we are ACCOUNTABLE to each other as a team player. We don’t pass the bug around as we are a firm believer that everything stops with ME! Never fail to take on ownership has made us more resourceful to think out of the box within what’s possible.

The way we “dance” with the issue at hand to achieve a solution feasible to our clients is a testament that it is in the DNA of every CAtizen to be FLEXIBLE and grow bigger than the challenge before us. We are guided by our objective and ready to change ourselves to meet the end so desired.

Taking the ownership of task, we are PROACTIVE in our conduct. We choose to be a Messiah for every piece of information before us; and not just a mere Messenger that add no value to our clients’ course. We are always just that little observance and a little more thoughtful on our own accord to make that difference that by nature expected of us every single time.

We are EFFICIENCY driven. We measure our action by impact, not by effort. We are generous to share lessons learned along the way; and always challenge and review existing established practices for its relevance with the evolving circumstances. We painlessly identify our client’s destination and drive our client from ‘A’ to ‘B’! We guide you, we give you options and most importantly, we are there with you!

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