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Chur Associates, a boutique law firm that delivers tailor-made legal solution for its clients on a niche positioning from Corporate Advisory in “Legal Department Outsourcing” to “Everything Real Estate” serving the entire value chain.

What is tailor-made legal solutions?

The legal solution that not focusing on the particular legal issue only, instead we will look at the whole and provide the legal solutions that serve most benefit to the entire situation.

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Our services including:

  • Real Estate Advisory

    • All types of real estate transaction related legal works, from individual sales and purchase (S&P), to bulk purchase or selling, including land deal.
    • Transfer title or property to someone else.
    • Strata advisory for developer before or after development.
    • Strata advisory for property manager and home owner.
    • Banking related advisory including mortgage, loan and bank settlement advisory.
    • We serve developers, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), real estate agents, property investor, home buyers, and even bank for real estate related legal advisory.
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  • Corporate Advisory

    • All corporate and commercial related legal advisory including forming a company or partnership and selling a business or share.
    • Collaboration with another parties.
    • General business agreement.
    • Employment related advisory.
    • Legal department outsourcing.
    • Trademark and intellectual property protection.
    • We serve Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), Start Up, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and company in different industry including e-commerce, logistic, food and beverage, construction, developer, government linked company, education, automotive, accounting and tax, technology company, investment company, and etc.
  • Banking and Finance

    • All types of banking related legal services.
    • Conventional banking loans.
    • Setting up business funding or transactions.
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  • Civil Litigation

    • All types of civil dispute related legal advisory and court case (sue or being sued).
    • Closing down a business or company (winding-up).
    • Dispute regarding strata management.
    • Dispute regarding construction.
    • We serve individual that facing bankruptcy, debt recovery,  employment issues, and etc; company such as developer, construction company, property management company, and etc that facing real estate related dispute.
  • Family & Succession

    • All types of family related legal advisory including will writing and probate.
    • Divorce related advisory and legal work.
    • Child custody or guardianship legal advisory.

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Our publications that might useful to you:

  • Strata OMG (Owner’s Manual & Guidebook) 2.0

    • Co-author with
    • Second edition of the manual guidebook for strata homeowner.
    • Contents are including:
      • Explanation on what is strata property and strata management
      • Who is managing the strata property after vacant possession
      • Roles of developer, Joint management body, Management corporation, and subsidiary management corporation
      • Type of meetings of management body (first annual general meeting, subsequent annual general meeting and extraordinary general meeting
      • Who are the committee members
      • The powers and duties of management bodies in term of charges, sinking fund, by-laws and etc
      • What is strata management tribunal
      • Who is commissioner of buildings

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  • Panduan Pemilik Strata

    • Co-author with Sr. Adzman Shah Mohd Ariffin from ExaStrata Solutions
    • Malay version of Strata OMG (Owner’s Manual & Guidebook)
    • Contents are including:
      • Apakah itu Pengurusan Strata?
      • Siapakah Badan Pengurusan?
      • Apakah ciri-ciri setiap Badan Pengurusan?
      • Jenis-jenis Mesyuarat Badan Pengurusan
      • Jawatankuasa Badan Pengurusan
      • Kuasa dan Tanggungjawab Badan Pengurusan
      • Tribunal Pengurusan Strata
      • Pesuruhjaya Bangunan
      • Soalan yang sering ditanya oleh Pemilik Strata

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  • 分层房产业主 

    • Co-author with 南洋商报 Nanyang Siang Pau
    • Chinese version of Strata OMG (Owner’s Manual & Guidebook)
    • Contents are including:
      • 什么是分层管理?
      • 谁是管理层?
      • 各个管理层有什么不同的特点?
      • 管理层会议的类别
      • 管理层委员会
      • 管理层权力及职务
      • 分层管理仲载庭
      • 建筑专员
      • 分层业主常问问题

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