CA Real Estate Team provides services to cover the upstream and downstream of the real estate related issues. Our conveyancing team represents clients in all types of sale and purchase transaction (either strata & non-strata, project sale & sub sales, residential & commercial properties).

Different types of real estate transaction will have different types of legal procedure. Our lawyers are well-positioned to assist you in all aspects of property transactions.

For project or sub sales transaction, our lawyer facilitates the sale and purchase process including preparing the documents and ensuring the ownership of property is transferred to the purchaser and the vendor is getting his entitlement.

For Auction or Foreclosure case, our lawyer will represent the successful bidder (purchaser) to purchase auctioned property including attending to the necessary documents in ensuring the ownership of property is transferred to the successful bidder.

For transfer of property with consideration in non-monetary form (by love and affection), or known as Deed of Gift, our lawyer facilitates the process to ensure the transaction is successful.

For land dealing, regardless the purchaser is local or foreigner, our lawyer will ensure the both parties under the complexity of the process, including tax, stamp duties, local rules and regulations etc, to ensure the purchaser and vendor are getting their entitlements.

An real estate transaction is more than sale and purchase. If involve tenancy and lease management, our lawyer will involve facilitating the process by drafting the legal documents.

A property is fully owned by the purchaser only when the title is issued. Our lawyer will assist the owner to register their interest as proprietor with land office upon issuance of individual/strata title.  Without a property title, there would be complications in sale and purchase of a property in future, therefore Perfection of Transfer is important in transferring the property ownership.

For the upstream real estate legal service, CA real estate team is well-positioned to provide project development advisory, strata development advisory and strata management advisory.

Prior the launching or sales of a project development, our lawyer will assist developer to prepare the sale and purchase agreement. Imagine the purchaser is buying a property based on what they understand from the show unit, 3D layout and sales agent explanation. Proper legal document is a protection to purchaser as well as developer to avoid future dispute.

While prior a strata development, CA lawyer will provide legal advise to developer in advising the development of stratified property/building single or mix houses including plan and drafting the deed of mutual covenants and formation of joint management body.

Developer as the original owner of the property, they have the obligation to set the rules and regulations to ensure the harmonious occupation and the effectiveness of management for strata development. CA lawyer will assist develop to draft Deed of Mutual Covenants, the required rules and regulations (including house rule) which shall be complied by the Owners and Developers in relation to the administration and usage of common properties.

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