Taking a break to prepare for the Year of the TIGER!

CA is closed for the lunar New Year celebration from this Sunday onward and will be roaring back to serve you in our usual finesse on Friday 19 February 2010! We are recharging to our tip top condition to help you tame the lunar year of the TIGER!

CA 1st testimony in face book

Check this out… this was left on our face book page:

“went to Chur Associates this morning, lawyer firm assisting in my second property, spoke to Chris Tan. It is just unbelievable how professional lawyer firms can be. They are so detailed that they helped me save about RM2,000! Even before confirming if the case can be passed to them, they already start working on my file. THANKS Chye En! Definitely giving them ALL my future properties cases”

Well done, CAtizens! Well done, Chye En! This is part of our Brand Charter: We take ownership!

Join the CA Social Media Revolution!

Having converted from a face book group to a face book page in November 2009, CA has managed to garner almost 200% growth in just 3 months as we are proud to announce that we have now over 300 strong fans in face book that regularly received updates on CA.

Join the CA Social Media revolution by:

  1. Become our face book fan at: http://www.facebook.com/churassociates
  2. Follow us on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/churassociates
  3. Subscribe to our YouTube CAtv Channel at: http://www.youtube.com/churassociates

Power of Attraction in Action! CA rules!

The CA way of external communication is bearing fruit again! Our most creative 2010 New Year Card (the design concept even “copied” by our beloved government in launching their transformation roadmap recently, lol!) together with the CA Menu is drawing attention from some senior marketing personnel in one of the most cherished employers in Malaysia. Not just that, these senior marketing personnel even took the initiative to contact us and we have since met to explore potential collaboration in future.

Whatever happens next, we know we have gained ourselves some new fans for sure! We are only too happy that our message is positively strong that motivates action be taken as a result!

CA on Air!

I will be featured as a guest host at FM988 every Monday Morning from 8am to 10am from now on. I will be commenting on the current issues from the perspective of a lawyer and most importantly from me as a person. Stay tuned.

CA Talentime (New name for CA Recruitment in the past)

Good bye Daniel! Wish you all the best in your pursue of LLB.

Hello Melanie! Our first AIESEC Intern from Germany is finally on board after all the red tapes. She will be with us until June 2010! Expect her contact soon as she has been tasked to handle the communication aspect of CA.

Ryan is also taking time off until July to clear his qualification as a lawyer. We look forward to have him back then as our latest “Padawan”!

Meanwhile, we are always looking for great talents to join our revolution! Let us know! We have an urgent need for a junior conveyancing lawyer and paralegals.

CA in the news

Last Word

Thoughtfulness is key to employee recruitment and satisfaction and that’s as close as our religion in CA… Accountability is the other…

Of course, you must be the change that you wish to see in the world!