~ Merdeka!

This is the time of the year again that we are reminded of the fact that we are independent and that we are one big tribe under the roof of one nation. Strangely, many countries in this region are all celebrating their nationhood around the same time from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia now and Vietnam in a few days time.

Perhaps, it’s time to re-examine the meaning of independence in this flat world today where sovereign boundaries are an evolving proposition.

~ Merdeka! ~ Merdeka!

I used to wake up in the morning of 31st August every year and tell the whole world what is the theme of our National Day and think seriously about it. But ever since the “Because of You, Malaysia” that seems to be the permanent theme in the new millennium for a good 6 years, I almost forgot we can change the national day theme every year. I suppose it takes a few years to figure out what “Because of You, Malaysia” was all about as I am not quite sure even until now to be frank.

~ Merdeka! ~ Merdeka! ~ Merdeka!

This year theme is “1 Malaysia, Generates Transformation” catching on the last year theme of 1 Malaysia with a twist on the popular movie epic of good and bad robots in the Transformers perhaps, is in fact a great reminder that we are after all ONE Malaysia and the fact that we are also celebrating 16 September this year as “Malaysia Day” to show our brothers and sisters to the East across the South China Sea that we are ONE great nation after all.

Perhaps, U2 have made the perfect song for us many years back – “ONE”!

The taxi driver that drove me home from the Airport had it spot on by lamenting the lost of a golden generation of food ball talents in a true 1 Malaysia style then, featuring names like Arumugam, Soh Chin Aun, Santokh Singh, Mokhtar Dahari, Hassan Sani, James Wong etc.


While we are recognised as professional, we are ultimately a service provider. Therefore, we are first and foremost a “Person” that works on a wide spectrum of relations.

Like I always said, we are all “Relationship Managers” in CA. Our services are therefore not “independent” off our talents in each and every CAtizens.

Creating a system of work flow seems to be the obvious solution but it will develop to a cold and regimented monster. This goes against Rule No.1 of a service provider. Instead, CA has created value added features, rather than a system, that enable your recognition of our CA brand of services with 6 well defined commitments.

Independent to CA means “CA 6nature™”, we are proud to deliver to you:

6nature™ 4 – Key Service Guide

Engaging professional services can be daunting at times. CA wants you to feel guided all the time and we are accountable to you. Upon confirming our appointment as your preferred legal service provider, you will be given a simple guide that contained key information like File Reference Number, Subject Matter, contact details of the Person on Charge as well as that of the alternate Person in Charge. At least, you know there is always someone you can talk.

Click on this to preview the format of our very own Key Service Guide.

Ee Zheng

Creating values rather than impersonal system, we have just the right person in Pang Ee Zheng, our Junior Partner for Value.

Ee Zheng graduated in law from National University of Malaysia. She read in chamber at Messrs Azmi & Associates and thereafter joined Messrs Kadir, Andri & Partners as a legal assistant wherein she gained valuable experience in Corporate Advisory, Financial Services as well as Corporate Structure exercises.

She obtained her Masters in Law (LLM) from University of Malaya and is admitted as a partner of the Firm practising in the area of Property Transactions and Corporate Advisory.

Designated as a Partner for Value, Ee Zheng is also responsible for exploring innovative methods of adding value to our existing services for our clients and the public at large. Her duties in executing this added value involve monitoring public communications including managing the content of seminar presentations and article publishing.

CA Talentime!

We are waving good bye to CA Intern No. 18 in Wai Kiat and wish him all the best in pursuing his final year in his LLB. We will miss him but we are never short of returning CAtizens, who knows?

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Last Word

Time creates space, space creates gap and gaps attract!