All set for 2011?

I guess you can never be too ready for anything. Christmas this year has been a low key affair for me as I was recovering from a winter Flu bugs together with my wife (hey, we truly live up to this Christmas spirit of sharing!) and only hope to be 100% in the last few days of 2010 to complete the first decade run of this new millennium ushering nicely to the Age of Aquarius.

Whatever you do, you always aim to finish strong!

Happy New Year 2011

ITCH@CA in 2011

Continuing our 7 years ‘CA’lebration, we are pleased to unveil a consolidated positioning for the CA journey thus far – “Chur Associates®, Everything Real Estate!”. The full details of this positioning will be posted in CA Web and the next issue of this Delivery Otherwise.

Any positioning can only be successful at the back of a very strong “CA”lture, this is how CAtizens define it after the initial 7 years of soul searching:

  1. We are a TEAM;
  2. We are TRANSPARENT;
  3. We hardly take NO as an answer;
  5. We are ACCOUNTABLE;
  6. We are FLEXIBLE;
  7. We are PROACTIVE; and

A toast to these “associ-8-s” ….. I guess some of you already know where we are going with these come 6 November 2011! ; )

CA Talentime!

This time, we are saying Good Bye (again as she is a returning CAtizen) to Junior Partner Nadia. She is leaving CA to pursue her interest in corporate finance of which opportunity is scarce in CA. We wish her all the best in whatever she do in future wearing the GREEN of CA as a Graduate.

Good news to share as we are celebrating the very first CAtizens couple this month – Amal and Hafiz. May this be a fairy tale love story with the GREEN blessing! GREEN as I understood recently is the colour of the HEART!

CA in the news!

I am pleased to announce that I have two weekly columns in the repositioned Nanyang Siang Pau – the leading Chinese Daily in Malaysia for close to a century.

My Saturday column is on the different business entities and models in Malaysia targeting those aspiring entrepreneurs among us. Here are the last few insertions.

My Sunday column is on all you need to know to buy, sell and deal with real estate in Malaysia – here are the last few issues.

If you are a fan of the ever popular business driven BFM89.9, you should find traces of me lately on the Property Show every Saturday at 11am. I have been answering some critical questions from Tiffany Chiew on Landlord and Tenant and will continue to do so in the next few months. Here are some of the Podcast in case you missed out.

I am also very honoured to be on air with Freda Liu on 22 Dec 2010 to talk about my book ‘Turning GREEN’. My half an hour radio moment as an author is part of the BFM89.9 history embedded in this Podcast.

On 29 Dec 2010, I will be on air at 1pm @BFM89.9 again – this time as your most familiar lawyer talking about misrepresentation of Advertisement. Tune in!

Also to remind you that I have been answering legal questions on real estate at since its inception, the questions are getting challenging, check it out!

Bumper Issue?

This is a trend especially year end. Judging from the volume of this issue, you know that we have also caught up this year. I hope you enjoy the Double Dose of my Management Journals for December and January!

Last word

While you are enjoying all the countdowns to the end and toast to a fresh start, what is more important is always the morning after.

Remember the big BANG theory? There is always a long silent after the bang! Sustainable is the KEY!