CA Coach of the Year 2012

Nicholas Chan

For the very first time, we are proud to present Nicholas Chan as our Coach for 2012. Nicholas will be taking the CAtizens through 7 sessions of “Team Dynamics & Empowerment Workshop” to entrench the CAlture in every one of us as we are looking forward to move into much anticipated “Green Haus”. That’s right, we have the key now and it’s time to “pimp” it up!

We have selected to close 7 Fridays in 2012 starting with 24 February 2012.

CA Talentime

Sven Janson

CAtizens welcome our Intern No. 24 – Welcome on board, Sven Janson from land of the windmills and tulips! He will be here for 5 months of CA’rnival!

At the time of writing we have also secured our interns No. 25 and No. 26 from Bond University who will joining us later this year. CA Internship is our CSR that focus on youth development and one of the most established traditions of the Firm! Keep walking.

CA in the News


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