“Chur Academy” continues…

On 16 March 2012 at the Mount’Kiara Verve Suites Gallery…

We have Chapter 2 under Coach Nicholas Chan in “Understanding Personality Preferences for Organizational Excellence”.

In Chapter 2, we learnt about the different colour of personalities that every one of us carries within as per the chart below:

Understanding Personality Preferences for Organizational Excellence

In the words of Coach Nick:

“I want to personally congratulate everyone not just for another successful development session, also to praise you for your courage in coming out and embracing your personality based on the assessment of your Wholebrain Personality Preferences.

To be fully in tune with ourselves, all our strengths, weaknesses and core competencies is the hallmark of any successful person. Which can be translated into organizational success and also your own enriched personal lives. I encourage you to continue to refer to your Wholebrain color sheet and consistently map it to your own pattern of behavior on a regular basis.

Keep up the good work and I see a lot of engagement from the Catizens and it makes me happy inside.”

do-201204-02In the words of Coach Nick:

… and the journey continued on 13 April 2012 where we made the best out of the Black Friday at the award winning clubhouse of Gita Bayu learning about communication and conflicts and we will update you in the next edition, stay tuned!

In our monthly Rhythm Meeting…

for the month of April, CAtizens shared a short session on “The Importance of Values and Passion” as follows:

  1. Values of Passion
  2. Dream Big
  3. One Team One Passion
  4. Build Trusts
  5. Team Work & Team Spirit
  6. Willing to Make Mistakes
  7. Have Fun

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CA Talentime

Congratulations to Padawans, K(hoon) J(ung) and Ivy as you start to embark on the new phases of your professional life as lawyer. Spread your wings and fly, Eagles!

Joining them as our CA Graduates, we also wish Valerie and Wei Chee all the best in future undertakings wearing the GREEN of CA and flying the flag!

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