As we are celebrating our 9th Anniversary this November! We are pleased to announce LOUDLY and PROUDLY our very happy theme of “C’LAUD9”. YES ~ We are On Cloud 9 ~


C’LAUD9 is literally “C”hur Associates® “LAUD” (praise/ glorification/ acclaim) its “9” years of rewarding journey! The oriental element in the logo this year is also to celebrate the fact that Chur Associates® is the Malaysian brand of legal services that intend bridge the Asian business culture with the rest of the world. The number “9” being the greatest of single-digit numbers; was historically associated with the Emperor of China as the Emperor’s robes often had nine dragons and there is no coincidence that we are celebrating our 9th anniversary in this 2012 being the year of the Dragon! In the same oriental culture, we also wish to ride on the long lasting symbolism of 9 to deliver the CA as a green and sustainable brand of services.


Consistent with the same spirit of being “at the top”, CAtizens have just returned from conquering the highest mountain in Malaysia (as well as South East Asia) to pierce the sky and fly the C’LAUD9 flag above the cloud at the peak of Kinabalu, a majestic mountain with a mystical past!


Congratulation Ee Zheng for flying the CA Flag to the TOP! That’s what CA is all about, a TEAM!

Words that keep us going…


Congratulation Jing Yi, we are proud of YOU! Thank you Tsui Han for taking time to drop us your kind words on our FaceBook page.

“Chur Academy” continues…

Here’s a notice for another round of upgrading…


We wish to inform that our office will be closed on 30 August 2012 for our Firm’s Internal Training Program.

We shall resume business on 3 September 2012.

For the month of June, CAtizens take on Coach Nick at Bandar Botanic Club Resort and explored the methods of “Coaching & Mentoring for Leadership & Management Excellence”:

In the words of Coach Nick:

“Happy day to the Greenest Bunch of Legal Eagles in the World!

It was great to have met and trained all of you again, this time for Coaching and Mentoring for organizational and leadership excellence. Most of you are in position of leadership with CA, presently or in the near future; coaching and mentoring are VERY crucial skills that all leaders should strive to work on and cultivate within their own organizational circle (within CA!).

To recap, we can see that the Legal profession already has an intrinsic mentoring system that regulates the professional work ethic of the legal professional but coaching is one skill that is lacking particularly due to the cultural nature of traditional law firm. As Chur Associates is an innovative, trailblazing symbol of the legal profession, CAtizens should strive to create a conducive coaching culture in which all new staff can be taken care of, nurtured and guided in which will separate all of you from the rest of the competitive pack.

A good coach is someone who is willing to work with their coachee, to listen, identify and work on their personal hopes and dreams, then tie it into the overall direction of the organization. This will ensure that a holistic career development plan exists and it does not just have to lie with the Managing Partner but to everyone who is senior within the organization to work with newer staff.

This is even more imperative now that CA is expanding to the ‘Green Haus’ soon, the coaching model will allow for continuous and sustained growth for individuals but also the firm as a whole.

We all have the propensity to be great coaches and this is evident of my observation of CAtizens in action, I am immensely honored to be able to work with everyone of you!

Till our next session!”

Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm…

In July, CAtizens discussed and shared a short paragraph on the concept of “Trust”. We learned that trust build relationship; and with relationship, it comes with EXPECTATION! That’s where it become complicated and need to be managed!

CA Talentime


As we bid farewell to our longest serving CAtizen in Laili and Sven Janson our Intern No. 24, we have promoted them to our “Graduate” and “CAmbassador” respectively to continue to share the good news of CA!

We also welcome back Chye En returning from her study break and also our new Legal Support Executive, Kaecy Lee, joining Team Talent. Welcome Kaecy!

In August, we welcome two new “Padawans” to Master Chris Tan in Jackson and Clement. May the force be with you! We also look forward to host our Intern No.28 in Lalitha, another Sabahan en route through Bond University after Annabelle earlier this year.

The team is indeed getting stronger…

AskCA@Thursday, CAnswer@Tuesday and Myth Buster!


CA launches our series of AskCA@Thursday where we invite the public to post any legal questions they have on our Facebook page and we will respond to the questions every Tuesday on CAnswer@Tuesday. Click on the link to our website where you can view previous Q&As posted on our Facebook wall.

CA also understands the differences between legal facts and assumptions that most people have in legal theories, so we decided to bust some myths and introduce CA’s very own MythBuster. When we have no questions posted on Thursday, we will burst a Legal Myth instead. Click on our weblink where you can view all our previous MythBuster posts.

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For all those that have missed out on Chris’s sharing session with Inspire.FM “On The Move” Channel please find the podcast on the link below: