Joshua Liew asked:
Hi, I have a situation, hope you can give some advice on it. A condo owner has not paid maintenance fees for the past 15 years and want to settle the bill now. However, the management is charging exorbitant interest charges (more than 400% on what is owed) but they do not have the supporting documents to justify the amount. Is there any legal way to not pay so much for the interest charges? Hope my question gets picked to be responded.
Firstly, the owner of the condo must understand that, without any justification to the amount claimed by the management, there is no legal obligation to pay the interest charges unless stipulated in the Deed of Mutual Covenant (“DMC”) that have been signed with the developer.

We advise the owner of the condo to request for supporting documents regarding the calculation of interest charges and from where the interest charges derive before the owner decides to pay or not.