Zee Zee is a 17 years old boy who has been helping out in his family business of selling soya milk. Except for every Thursday and Friday, he needs to work from 2pm to 9pm daily to help out his family business with only 15 minutes dinner time at 7pm. Zee Zee is very tired after 9pm and is unable to concentrate on his studies.

However, Zee Zee’s father, Mr Tee Tee always thinks that as the first son of the family, it is Zee Zee’s duty to help out the family even the work is very tiring. Worse, Mr Tee Tee even scolds Zee Zee when Zee Zee makes mistakes as a result of being extremely tired of working.

Is it true that Zee Zee is legally entitled to work under such period of hours?


Under section 6(1)(a) of Children and Young Persons (Employment ) Act 1966, no young person, who is aged between 15 to 18 years old, is permitted to work in the hours between 8pm and 6am. In addition to that, by virtue of section 6(1)(b) of the same Act, the young person is also not permitted to work for more than 4 consecutive hours without a period of rest of at least 30 minutes.

Therefore, strictly speaking, Zee Zee is only permitted to work from 2pm to 8pm with a rest of at least 30 minutes at 6pm.

However, under this circumstance, this is not a formal employment and Zee Zee is merely assisting his father in the family business and there is no salary paid to that effect.

For all intent and purpose, this is not a legal issue but a communication issue needs to be addressed between the father and son.

Please take note that under section 3(a) of the same Act, any young who is aged between 15 to 18 years old, is eligible to work in a business carried on by his family.

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