We are ending the last month of the 1st quarter….that’s right MARCHING on to the 2nd Quarter.

Nonetheless, we were all saddened by the Lahad Datu attack which caused casualties to our security and even our fellow Malaysians to protect our beloved country’s honour and sovereignty over Sabah which has became part of Malaysia since 1963.

Lahad Datu

Let us all stand together in unity to give support to the police and armed forces at the front line to fight off any invaders into our country. If you are looking for inspiration to brighten up your day, look no further than inspire.fm, in fact subscribe to it for your daily dose of positive energy deliver exclusively to your email address. That’s RIGHT!

Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm…

Our intern No.31, Sabina has chosen an article “How to Build a Good Team” to share with CA’tizens during our monthly Rhythm meeting and to sum it up, the keys to successful team work are:-

  1. Understand the goals and committed to attaining them;
  2. To create comfortable environment for taking reasonable risks in communicating;
  3. Communication is open, honest and respectful;
  4. Team members have a strong sense of belonging to the group;
  5. Team members are viewed as unique people with irreplaceable experiences;
  6. Different viewpoints are expected and encouraged;
  7. Team is able to constantly examine itself;
  8. Team has agreed upon procedures for diagnosing, analyzing etc;
  9. Participative leadership is practiced in leading meetings; and
  10. Members of team make high quality decisions together.

CA Talent Time

Accounts Executive

We have just hired an Accounts Executive to join our financial team starting 1 April 2013.

Stay tuned, more info about her soon!

CA 30th Intern ~ Davis We Joseph of Sabah

We are pleased to present to you, Chur Assosiates’s 30th intern Davis We Joseph…

Davis We Joseph

Davis recently joined Chur Associates as our 30th intern, also our 4th intern from Sabah. He is a graduate of LLB (Hons) from the University of Manchester. Upon graduating from his tertiary study, he has decided to return to Malaysia to take on the challenge for CLP while enhancing his legal knowledge and experience here in CA.

Davis likes to taste on different cuisines and has been travelling to different places to learn more on the variety of food and their culture. From trying crispy grasshopper in Yunnan, China to eating raw crabs in Hokkaido, he still finds that the local food in Malaysia is still his no. 1 favourite, especially nasi lemak!

“Being a part of CA with its unique CA’lture and working with the friendly CAtizen, the internship in CA has definitely given to me an unforgettable experience. Chris has told me during the interview that this is not a normal law firm and obviously after joining CA, undoubtedly he is stating the truth.”

CA Ice-Breaking Sessions ~ Where I am from by CA 31st Intern ~ Sabina Wagenaar of The Netherland

Sabina recently joined Chur Associates as our 31st intern. She is a Law student from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, located in the north of The Netherlands. Specialized in Corporate Law but with a broad background in the main fields of Law, she will be supporting the CA staff with their activities as well as conduct research on her own for a total of 5 months.

Sabina has been traveling all around the globe since her International Exchange to the United States in 2006. She has a great interest in traveling and loves learning about other cultures. Therefore she spends her weekends traveling through Malaysia and other parts of Asia.

“I feel blessed to be part of such a creative team like Chur Associates that’s challenging me to think out of the box, which not only improves me academically but also on a personal level. This unique quality offers me a great learning environment.”

Dutch Culture

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