2) On 17th May 2013, we received 1 question from Ms Teh Chee San:
If management office did not do their job, can we opt not to pay maintenance fee? they dont even want to list down their job description. How?
Under a strata development, “Management Office” could actually mean a hired profession/management company appointed by the Developer, ie: the Joint Management Body (“JMB”), the Management Corporation (“MC”) or even the Developer itself, depends on the various stages after the handing over of vacant possession.

In any event, not paying the maintenance fees is not a feasible option. If you are not satisfied with level of service by the management company, you should instead refer to the employer,be it the Developer, the JMB or the MC of which you have a legitimate expectation contractually or statutorily. 

Besides, you may report to the Commissioner of Buildings to highlight your concerns and for them to take the appropriate action.

Instead of the job description, you should look into your Deed of Mutual Covenants, to find out more about what you are paying for with your maintenance fee.