Mr Labis owns a house in Pahang. Last week, he faced an unprecedented blackout in his house. He was really furious as he did not know why there is no notice given to him prior to black out. He views that the blackout could not be owed to the tampering of anyone in his house or his delay in payment of electricity bill. He wonders if it is true that the authority has the right to cut off his electricity without any notice under such circumstances.


Under section 38(1) of Electricity Supply Act 1990, the licensee, ie: Telekom Nasional Berhad (TNB) may disconnect the supply of electricity with at least 24 hour notice if in his opinion, proves that an offences has been committed under the three (3)circumstances:-

  1. When a person tampers with any installation or manufactures/imports/sells any equipment related to electrical equipment which would likely to cause danger to human life;
  2. When a person in any manner dishonestly –
    1. Abstracts electricity;
    2. Consumes electricity;
    3. Uses electricity;
    4. Alters the index of any meter; or
    5. Prevents such meter from duly recording.
  3. When a person uses, works, operates, or permits such usages, work, or operation any installation of electricity without any approval from the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water.

Besides,please take note that,

  1. under regulation 3(5) of Licensee Supply Regulations 1990, TNB has the rights to cutoff the supply to the premises by giving at least 3 working days notice, if the customers do not pay the electricity charges after 7 working days from the date of letter of demand by the TNB.
  2. under regulation 6A of the 1990 Regulation, TNB shall not in any circumstances,including for scheduled maintenance, temporarily cease or interrupt the supply without first giving prior notice at 48 hours to the consumer before the intended temporary cessation or interruption of supply, except if the circumstances are beyond the control of the licensee.

In our scenario above, Mr Labis may report or contact to TNB as the disconnection of electric supply happened without any notice given to him. The relevant details for the contact are as per the link:-

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