2014… Riding towards of a new journey

Many would presume that the 1st half of the Horse Year in the Chinese calendar would be rather dawdling for many Malaysians economically. With many cooling measures and uncertainties around the constraints brought upon by new policies introduced last November in the new budget announcement by the government.

Thus, instead of sitting there procrastinating and contemplating on what might happen to us next, maybe it’s time to think of some ideas and measures that we can use to turn these constraints into opportunities. So when the times come, we could be the ones that would reap the harvest. That’s Right. It’s all about being “Proactive”.

Don’t just stop there. Keep galloping…while doing that, never stop believing and always keep a prayer for MH370.

Riding towards of a new journey

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Line-up for Real Estate in 2014 – LEGALLY

The Edge

On the other hand, the forecast takes off with an outline of the “Starting 11”, a term coined by our Chris Tan (since 2014 is also the year for World Cup and it’s also CA 11th Anniversary) where he accurately denotes the legal changes that are going to take place in the year for real estate investment depicting “Players” such as: increased Real Property Gains tax; implementation of Good and Service Tax; increased of ceiling price for foreign purchase; the prohibition of the Developer Interest Baring Scheme and many more that were being featured in the latest issue of THE EDGE for March 2014. According to Chris, its best to let things get settled first where he advise on his strategy known as the “wait-and-see” for the first half of the year. “Only then will you realize the full effect range of these implementations” Chris said.

Read all about it: HERE

Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm…

It’s again our Rhythm meeting for the month of February and March.

For the month of February this round, we are honored to learn and immerse ourselves on the topic of “Body Language” shared in a short presentation by our very first Russian intern, Alexey Novikov, who is now in his final year of his Psychology Science studies.

First Russian intern, Alexey Novikov

All CA’ tizens were then briefed on a very interesting story of The Elephant Chain (http://www.moral-stories.org/the-elephant-chain/) The story reminded us all (the CA’tizens) that we have grown up in size (and number) and we have a bigger space (in the CA’stle) to fulfil our potentials; that we should all be free from the past restrictions and we are no longer the small practice we once were… We are ready to take on the world as soon as we break away from the “invisible chain”… to be more effective and efficient and “To deliver nothing but the best to our clients”.

For the month of March, we were taught on the “SWOT” analysis, which is relatively fundamentally model or technique commonly used for identifying individual or company’s Strengths and Weaknesses; to reap fullest Opportunities, and overcome possible proceeding Threats adversely.

As a collective team of CA’tizen, we asked to combine our brainpower and gave the SWOT analysis a try during our meeting applying it to our very own CA business. Having a unique culture, a young workforce, a large and presentable office space and a celebrity boss were amongst the first “Strength” related suggestions to pop up. On the other side of the spectrum, we discovered that the CA “Weaknesses” was in fact slightly messy, lenient to staff, young and relatively inexperienced staff and overly customer oriented (Yes, we are too kind!) in some sense.

However, it appeared that our customer orientation provided us with an “Opportunity” to attract individuals looking for individualized attention and the young workforce boosted our potential for creativity and protected the firm from stagnation. And “Threat” could also means that we are likely to be in head to head competition with many legal firm out there as being customer oriented are just the basic requirement that any business of service should have.

That’s how we came to integrate the SWOT into CA.

This is the first collective learning from “The Decision Book” with Chris passing the baton to Tracy to lead the next session.

LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN! But this time it is “when you speak, we listen!” – AskCA@Thursday, CAnswer@Tuesday and Myth Buster is here to clear your doubts !!!

Simple! You AskCA@Thursday, we CAnswer@Tuesday!

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