Diana entered into a sale and purchase agreement (“SPA”) to purchase a parcel of condominium on 1 May 2014. Pending disbursement of the loan, Diana found out that the management corporation (“MC”) of the condominium is holding its annual general meeting (“AGM”) on 20 May 2014. Diana wants to attend the AGM and oppose to the MC’s motion to increase service charge.


Diana is not entitled to attend and vote in the AGM. Pursuant to the Strata Titles Act 1985, only the person for the time being registered as the proprietor of a parcel can attend the AGM.
Further, no proprietor shall be entitled to vote and to be elected to hold office at AGM unless all contributions to the management fund of the MC in respect of his parcel has been duly paid.
In this case, Diana has not completed the purchase of the parcel and title has yet to be transferred unto her name; therefore she is not entitled to attend the AGM and vote.

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