Alex intends to purchase a double-storey shop house. When requested for the number of developer license, the developer’s salesperson informed that the double-storey shop house is a commercial property. Hence, the sale and purchase agreement is not governed under the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Act 1966 (“HDA“).

Alex is confused, as he read in a home-buying forum that all developers must obtain a developer license for their development projects.


Pursuant to HDA, the developer who carries or engages in any business of constructing or developing more than 4 units of any building which is intended for human habitation or partly for human habitation and partly for business premises in Peninsular Malaysia must possess a valid developer license.

Despite, developers are not required to obtain developer license under HDA:

  1. for development projects purely for commercial or industrial use; and
  2. for development projects intended for human habitation but the entire project is constructing not more than 4 units of property.

In Alex’s case, for a double-storey shop house which is intended partly for human habitation and partly for business premises, if the developer is constructing more than 4 units of the said shop houses within the same development, the developer is governed by HDA of which developer’s license must be obtained.

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