Yes, we are officially 11 YEARS OLD! We have themed it as “First e11even” to celebrate the fact that all and every of our team members are indeed good enough for the first team that is ready to take on the field to battle any opponents. It’s the diversity of roles and capabilities that made us the most formidable.

Thank you for your support & may the force be with you!!! Keep Walking…

Nov 2014-1


CAtizens will be taking on the Great Wall in the chill winter wind of China!

Nov 2014-2


Nov 2014-3

This year round we “CA”LEBRATE our 11th Anniversary exclusively in smaller groups…

Apart from the mingling and networking among our clients, there are sharings by Chris Tan, our managing partner, on the impact of budget 2015 as well as a special treat of the off-menu CAstle Gourmet Burger (an one-off creation served by MyBurgerLab) served to all the participants in all 6 sessions…

Here are the links for CAN Week 1 happenings…

[Privacy Matters… It’s Personal Data Protection]

If you are receiving this for the first time and just in case you have missed out our previous issue on this matter, please read our Personal Data Notice in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. Your rights are clearly stated under Clause 7, READ it once and for all!

Meanwhile, we are utmost pleased to assist you to stay in safe hands in and compliance with the already in force Personal Data Protection Act.

PubliCAtions, Facts, Infos…

The awaiting English publication for Homebuyers is finally here…

Nov 2014-4

We had officially launched THE WHOLLY BOOK for Homebuyer in Kuala Lumpur during PRSIM 1 November at MECC and there will be another session in Penang on 6TH December at POPULAR Mega Bookfair 2014 in Straits Quay Convention Centre… We have a date at 530pm!

It is now available to be purchased in all bookstores nationwide in Mid December onward and online anytime at Christan.my.


Nov 2014-5

In October, Chris shares on Strata Living connecting his thought to a very famous story by Charles Dickens named, “A Tale of Two Cities” presenting the tension and opposing attitudes borne between the inhabitants of the two cities. This disparity reflects our perception of “Strata Living” – a form of progressive yet regulated community living made possible by its inhabitants within its gated guarded boundary. Yet, by a flip of the same coin, the concept of strata living need not be restrictive and confined to vertical multi-level structures but also horizontal living – gated, guarded and landed communities which is more expensive and caters to the higher income group – lavish strata living with lesser restraint on space, practically the area of an entire building with landscaping. Imagine the typical Western upper-class neighbourhood – the lack of fencing between the houses within the gated boundary creates opportunities for connection and interaction. Read all about it here.

CAlebration & Play Time!

On the last day of OCTOBER month, we CAlebrate and our BIRTHDAY OUTING plus HALOWEEN by going GREEN!!! Thanks to Siva (our Intern No. 44), for organizing the YUMMY & Delicious vegetarian meal, that’s scary! :) Check out the photos here.

Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm…

In October, Michael has selected “THE SUPERMEMO” Model that was developed by the Polish researcher Piotr Wozniak.

It can be used for ease in retrieving memory in relation to what we have learned. Where the model depicts that it would be ideally to refresh one memory after a learning over intervals of one, ten, thirty and sixty days to have it sustainably recorded in our memory.

Partners of CA find the model to be best applicable in term of memorizing fact of knowledge which is more educational related but not too much of day to day work task.

Overall, many of the Catizens agreed that that everyone has a different ways of remembering things and it is very individual especially when it comes to work related task.

One just has to find out the best method or model that works best for them.

Next up in November, the baton is now passed to Jackson for our next collective learning.

LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN! But this time it is “when you speak, we listen!”
– AskCA@Thursday, CAnswer@Tuesday and Myth Buster is here to clear your doubts!!!

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