Recently, Isabelle purchased an electronic rice cooker from a new online shopping site. When parcel arrived, she found that the rice cooker is different from the descriptions posted online and requested full refund. However, the online shopping site refused her request. She intends to file a claim with Tribunal for Consumer Claims but she was advised that online consumers are not protected under the laws.
Is that true?


Online consumers are protected under the Consumer Protection Act 1999.

The Tribunal for Consumer Claims Malaysia has the jurisdiction to hear:-
(a) any claim in respect of any matter within its jurisdiction to hear;
(b) total amount does not exceed RM25,000.00;
(c) any claim in respect of any goods or services for which no redress mechanism is provided under any other written law; and
(d) a claim based on a cause of action which accrues within three years of the claim.

Hence, if Isabelle has fulfilled the requirements above, she can file the claim against the online shopping site at the Tribunal.

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