Amy comes to KL for short term work, and instead of renting a property or a room, she was offered to this Home Sharing and being told is no different with rent. Is that true?


“Home sharing faced difficulties in some areas of jurisdiction not because of the landlord-tenant law, but due to local authorities” zoning legislation.
According to the latest strata law, homeowners are allowed to rent out their rooms to paying guests up to a maximum stay of 180 nights in a year. The law requires homeowners to register their properties with the local authorities and to comply with the prescribed terms and conditions.
As long as one is using one’s residential property for residential purposes which includes rental purposes, there is no need for you to apply for a business license or permits.
However, landlords and property owners should the position of the local government planning department before they start their business for short-term rental. As of now, a license is not required for homestays or homesharing purposes and there are no guidelines in place at this moment for short-term rentals.”
“From a legal standpoint, short-term rental could means operating an illegal lodging house without a lodging house license issued by the local authority.”
Always check with the authority whenever you plan to engage a new concept.

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