Are you a property investor and dealing with tenants? How you find the Tenancy Act? Is it favour to the landlord? Or you facing a lot of issues but the Law is telling you nothing much you can do?
Is it true that a Landlord is at the weak side?


The Landlord can always do something to avoid the bad tenant. Here’s the Prevention tips for the Landlord:- •Register utilities under the tenant’s name to make tenant liable for the outstanding amount •Conduct a background search on the tenants via Google and Facebook. •For an individual, a bankruptcy search/CTOS search can be done while winding up search can be done on a company through the Official Assignee. •Find out where the tenant works and the designation of him/her in the company. This will give some clues as to the background of the person concerned. •To have an alternative address of the tenant in the Tenancy Agreement apart from the demised premises e.g. hometown or work address. This is to enable the landlord to track the tenant if there is a necessity to do so. What if he/she still turn into Bad Tenant? – Get a Lawyer to understand your case and advise you accordingly before you take any action.

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