“The SMA and other rules and regulations are just guidelines to help resolve problem in strata living but what we need is common sense.” – Chris Tan

Strata OMG 2.0 – Make your Strata Living better!

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“Community living requires mutual understanding to create a harmonious community” said Chris Tan.

One of the issues discussed in the Fireside Chat on “Strata Management Act 2013 Review: When?” by EdgeProp.my was the ruling by the Court of Appeal on Oct 4 to disallow Joint Management Bodies (JMBs) to charge different rates of service fees for different components within mixed developments. 

In order to address this issue and provide better protection for all proprietors of mixed developments, the panelists urged the government to amend the SMA to allow the formation of subsidiary Management Corporations (sub-MC) upon the completion of each component in these developments while dividing limited common property at the planning stage. 

Quoted from EdgeProp.my Issue 3010/2019, November 15, 2019. 

This is also the event to launch the Strata OMG 2.0 – Owner’s Manual & Guidebook, co-authored by Chur Associates and EdgeProp.my.

Strata OMG – Owner’s Manual & Guidebook was launched on year 2015.

After 4 years, this Strata OMG 2.0 is the updated version with more comprehensive information about strata living. Chur Associates and EdgeProp.my gather the inquiries from strata owner and developers that they received within this 4 years and the book is able to address the most common issues that facing by both strata owner, property management and developers. 

Sinking fund, services charges, annual general meeting, voting, election of chairman and committees, water leaking, car park, parcel, lift maintenance, keeping pets, power of strata tribunal, commission of buildings, power of property management, transition from developer to Joint Management Body and etc…

Whatever you can list down about strata living, you should able to get an answer from this book. Get a copy for your better strata living. 

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Strata OMG 2.0 – Book Launching event

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