“This MCO seems forever…”

“Can we look beyond today?”

“Everything is so unpredictable now, what can we expect when things get back to normal?”


Let us be POSITIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE! Let us offer you an insight into China who are way ahead of the rest of the world in experiencing recovery now. Let Shanghai offers you on what to EXPECT, in the NEW NORMAL that is unfolding now.

Collaborating with HGR Consulting Ltd Shanghai, CA is proud to to present to you this unique learning experience in: “The After Effect – When Life Returns to A New Normal”

by Pavo Tan, founder of HGR Consulting Ltd, Shanghai-based, client-focused boutique Business Consultancy Firm. Supporting clients with regulatory, human resources, tax, and financial compliance. They provide comprehensive business advisory for MNC growth from start up to expansion and merger in China. Operating a business in China is a lucrative endeavor. Success comes from setting the right foundation for your regulatory compliance, business obligations and firsthand insight into the latest business trends in China.

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