Chris Tan as the judge of this EdgeProp Malaysia’s Best Managed and Sustainable Property Awards 2020, congratulates the winners that have been practising “user first” property management in mind.

And he said:

“Generally, the quality of the submissions and participating properties has improved in terms of the better understanding of this unique Awards. The expectations are different. The winners have all illustrated the essence of property management from its inception design DNA to the more important later days’ improvement to best serve the property users as well as the dynamic changes in the best use of the property. It is an orchestra of both art and science by the people for the people – the difference between music and noise.

Given the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic that we are facing now, property management and community living need to take on the new normal and reinterpret a home beyond just a “roof over the head”.

Keep submitting your entry to benchmark your performance against others, and learn more about your property in the process. It is an experience, a journey to place the matching soul into the concrete building. The Awards criteria and requirements are like an instant litmus test that audit your management practices.

Moving forward, the criteria of this Awards must be updated with risk management and legal exposure to correspond to the new normal. The key is to recognise the adaptability of building and its management to withstand new circumstances and challenges as they arise.”

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Full video of this First Virtual Property Awards :

Being the pioneer advocate of property management, Chris is instrumental in the setting up of The Best Managed Property by the and is one of the panel judges in the selection of deserving winners for each and every yearly edition since its inception in 2017.

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