Your Legal Booster of the day:
I’m want to know the law section for apartment residence and the jobs for management, chairman, community leaders and the advisor? Is there any section the management can’t do any project without the agreement of the residents? Are there any rights for the advisor to take legal action? Lastly, if a person working with the government for example as a police man or in the army can be a part of community member?

All the strata owners are bound by the by-laws in 3rd Schedule in Strata Management Regulations 2015. The owners may have additional by-laws or amendments to the additional by laws by passing a special resolution in any general meeting of Joint Management Body (JMB) or Management Corporation (MC). However no additional by-laws shall amend or contradict with any by-laws in the said 3rd Schedule. If you are not satisfied with the by-laws in 3rd Schedule, you can’t do anything.

Every JMB and MC shall has a committee. The members of committee shall run the JMB/MC and make sure JMB/MC carry out its duties/powers in accordance with the Strata Management Act 2013 and mandate/resolutions passed during the general meeting. Normally most of the JMB/MC will engage a property management company to carry out day to day operation. The appointment of property management company shall be agreed by the JMB/MC in Annual General Meeting.
There is no restriction for the government servants to take up roles/position in joint management committee and/or management committee.

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