February is indeed a very short month; the better half of it is consumed by the many holidays and festive celebrations (kick started by the Hindus and elevated by the Chinese New Year of the Golden Boar!).

Signing cheques is almost the routine for the month; having signed for bonuses before the Chinese New Year and upon return from the long break, signing for the salary again.

It is also an eventful month; scheduled trip to Jakarta is cancelled (flood again!) and pleasantly unexpected trips made to Sibu then Singapore just recently; the bull run and optimism in the stock market before the break has suffered considerable slums thereupon.

It is also a month too short (other than having just 28 days) for me to catch up with my journal writing; none the less, late is better than never!

Well, the lesson for all these is simply “celebrate while you can!” and there is only one Sunday in a week (unless you are a fan of the Fab 4)!

CA also encountered an unprecedented new-year rush due to irregular staff turnover and our commitment to delivery; CA appreciates all the understandings and sacrifices made by all its members (we are learning all along) and hope that the situation can only improves!

Thank you, Sook Yee! You are our first oversea intern, from QUT. CA wishes you all the best in your study and anticipate your prompt return! We are already having our next oversea intern from Bond University, watch this space in May 2007!

It is also unfortunate that Terri has fallen ill and shall not return to work; CA wishes him all the best and a healthy recovery.

To end this, CA would like to unveil its latest “signing” from Ipoh – the latest addition to the CA Family – Ahmad Syuhaimi Esq, an experienced lawyer and keen Malay writer! Read more about him by clicking his name!

Welcome to the “Theater of Dream”, Syuhaimi!.