It was a Destiny in Moscow!

Whatever the score; sorry for John Terry and Avram Grant for feeling the BLUE! Destiny has it that RED Devils from Manchester shall be crowned the Champion of Europe after 50 years of the Munich Disaster and 40 years after lifting the European Cup in 1968 for the very first time.

Fergie is now building his best team ever and it would be really scary in the years to come; with or without certain No. 7! He can don the WHITE of the Spanish Capital for all we care! If his heart is not with the RED, he is not a RED! GGMU!

It’s getting Hot…

… with Euro 2008 starting this evening. My tip is for the MAROON of Portugal and the dark horse is the RED of Russia. Enjoy the summer of football frenzy…

It’s getting Hotter…

… with the drastic fuel hike in Malaysia a couple days ago. Our petrol price (based on the purchasing power parity) is one of the highest in all the net oil exporting countries of the region, if not the world! Watch out for the forthcoming inflation, it’s alarmingly RED now! The WHITE of rice has started it and the BLACK gold of oil has just confirming the inevitable! The GREEN house effect has never been so warm in the “Legend” of Global Warming.

For CA, we are looking at some measures in addressing these issues with the interests of our CA Crew in mind. While we endorse removal of all forms of subsidies to have a level playing field that we craved, the question on the current announcement on the price hike is a question of too late for most of us that are not ready. We now earn double compare to 40 years ago but inflation has certainly done much better than us!

This should accelerate what CA is set up to do in serving the best of our fans with values and attentions. There is no justice if CA continues serving the World! This shall be carefully executed in the most sustainable and GREEN manner.

It’s the Hottest …

… with the warms of humanity extended to both sets of natural disaster victims in Myanmar and China.Through these darkest days of mankind, CA salutes the strength of mankind and celebrates the power of unity irrespective of COLOURS…

Congratulation! Pinggiran Bayou

Most deservingly, Mulpha International’s Pinggiran Bayou has won the recently announced FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award 2008. Being the designated Award Evaluator for this project, I certainly share the passion and innovation of Mulpha in delivering a truly outstanding GREEN product for all. Ronn, your drive and commitment in this project deserved a separate accolade!

To a good friend (you know who you are)

It’s refreshing to see the very determined side of you. There must be some magic in the course that you have recently attended and thank you for “the Secret of the Millionaire’s Mind”. I shall read it and only too happy for you!

CA Recruitment

Our first round hunt for legal pupils (aka “Chambees”) is now completed. We have Alvin in June and Kalai in July. I am now a proud Jedi Master for two of my very first Padawans… May the Force be with CA! Our next intake shall be early 2009 with Leon joining me at the Jedi Council then!

CA Interns – Claudia and Joey has both left CA as our Ambassadors after completing their internship. You shall see their comments in our FaceBook page now (please join as Fan, just go to CA Web, there is FaceBook Button on the left panel) and our CA Web soon. Tuck from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) is with us now until end of June 2008. Finger crossed, we should have Firdaus joining us as our intern next week for the next two months. There is also an intern looking for an internship in marketing for CA. We shall tell you more on these developments…. CA is proud to continue its tradition in providing a platform for career development in CAcademy!

CA in the News featured an interview on what makes CA different and the ethos behind CA. Just log on to Elawyer’s website to read about how CA thinks outside the box!

China Press recently interviewed me on my journey in education. It is a message that I always wanted to share and thank you Ai Reen for giving me a chance to share. If you know how to read Chinese, please follow this link: Read about it here – Chris Tan Chur Pim: Determined to succeed

CA Happening

We are going for Korean BBQ on 20 June 2008 to celebrate birthdays for Joanne, Chye En and Velene; orientation for our first CA Chambee, Alvin and our CA Intern, Tuck. If time permits, we are considering another “Movie Night” thereafter as well. “Kung Fu Panda”, anyone? Kapow!

Last Word

To Josephine and Velene who are both on study leave now until August, CA counts on you to overcome CLP in the true GREEN of CA. Along with the returning of Calvin in August, we shall all line up as your guards of honour to accept the victory march of our CLP conquerors!

You would surely notice the use of COLOURS in this entry. Well, this is a prelude to read my latest Management Journal for May 2008 for the RED, BLUE and GREEN! Happy Reading!