Opps… I did it again…. while traveling

This must the umpteen times that I did my Management Journal while traveling. The creative juices just flowing through when I am on the move… and this time on my way back from Singapore.

Take a break! B’coz you are worth it!

I was at a 5-days (Yes, I thank my team for that) seminar at the Singapore Expo last week called the “Guerilla Business Intensive”. 9am to 10pm and beyond almost every day, mentally draining but 100% focus on your business. This is a luxury as most entrepreneurs are too caught up with their daily firefighting that they can’t event get a proper moment to think objectively and checking on the pulse of their business. I guess that explains my urge to write during my travel.

T Harv Eker (author of the bestseller “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”) is probably one of best sales man around. His teaching is not new and his method is simple (sort of like “Business for Dummies” in true Stars and Stripes manner) but his design of the program is so intense and focus that it allows you that luxury of thinking time that in turn leads to some refreshing determination in executing it.

True enough, that luxury is running thin for as soon as I passed the Malaysian check point. The reality has occupied my days and nights so far that I have no time to probably absorb what I have learned.

If there is only one thing I learned from this urban excursion (hey, this is “Learning Tourism”), it is the word COMPLETE. Complete what you have started. Therefore, I have dedicated today to finalise the absorption from the channeling process.

I realised that I just had a Bill Gates’ “Think Week”. Powerful!

For once (in a very long time), the best Team won!

(Yes… There is still place for Meritocracy!”)

All hail Spain, the new King of Europe! After decades of underachieving, the Spanish Matador did it finally and in style (undefeated through out Euro 2008 and scoring abundance of goals in a manner how real football should be played). They are still a young team; if would be interesting to track their development in the years to come.

I like to think that CA is the Spain national team before the tournament, full of exciting talents and eagerness to prove the doubters wrong defying all odds. We believe that merits shall always prevail with us delivering your desired solution in the most amicable manner. “Salud” to the Espana and Merit!

I was tipping Portugal and the dark horse of Russia earlier. Only Russia made it to the Semi.

If no one can remember no. 2 let alone the 3 and 4, the Arshavin’s inspired team need to do better with its exciting potential. Too bad the core of Zenit St. Petersburg shall be disbursed immediately as the transfer market heating up towards the starts of the next season. Cruel truth just like the last great team of Dynamo Kiev emerging from the same shore. If you cannot keep your talents, it will soon be in the shopping cart of the big boys…

In another hand, Portugal (the other half of the Iberian Peninsular to Spain) is too distracted by the transfer market activities (Big Phil is taking over the Kensington Blue, the never ending Ronaldo tug of war, the Deco escape etc) and lacks passion (no more crying babies like the last Final in 2004 – complacent?); you deserved what you asked for – law of attraction…. Do not go down the history as yet another Figo and Rui Costa of the earlier Golden Generation (wasted)… living in the fantasy of “If only…” There is no worst feeling than the promising potentials not being realised!

CA Recruitment

Kalai has finally come on board as my Padawan and she knows she can take the best of CA with her if she wanted to.

At the same time, we are bidding farewell to two CA Graduates in Danny soon; and Alvin and Peter earlier. Danny needs to relocate down south for his life long happiness; Alvin is looking for a more litigation oriented practice; while Peter has joined Mesiniaga. We wish them all well and trust that they shall carry the CA hallmark with them for life. May the force be with you!

Meanwhile, we are also looking forward to the returning CA crews in Josephine, Velene and Calvin. CA will be in even stronger position in August to serve you.

CA Interns – Tuck Choy has taken earlier leave from his CA Internship to focus on his preparation to the LAWASIA Mooting Competition. We wish him all the best and trust that he can only made us proud. CA Tuck has left a few words on his internship in CA at our FaceBook page now (please join as Fan, just go to CA Web, there is FaceBook Button on the left panel) , simply interesting reading. We have not seen the last of Tuck Choy in CA yet. Stay tuned. Tuck from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) is with us now until end of June 2008. Meanwhile, Ishmael (for some reasons I was referring him as Firdaus earlier) from ATC has started his internship with us until 31 August 2008. He is enjoying his work in CA as much as his MP3 player. Haha!

CA in the News

In the next issue of the Home Finder magazine, my presentation at FIABCI Smart Investment in Property Seminar 2008 shall be featured. Watch out for it. Here is one of the many encouraging feed backs from the participants:

“Mr Chris Tan’s paper is brief and precise yet interesting!”

CA Happening

Instead of the Korean BBQ, we went instead for the Brazilian BBQ on 20 June 2008 at the Halia, Sime Darby Convention Center to celebrate birthdays for Joanne , Chye En and Velene as well as the completion of the first year legal practice for Jing Yi and Ting Ting.

Why the change of plan? Try this: Brazilian BBQ is called CHURASSCO. So, CHUR ASSOCIATES? We had a great time and photos are uploaded in FaceBook.

Last Word

“Ordinary Actions Repeated Consistently” = “Extraordinary Result”?

Well, please enjoy my latest Management Journal for June 2008 . That’s your home work!