Check Mate! It’s only the 19th time!

(Just 10 times less than the Olympic in Beijing now!)

Given that only successes are encored, then only legacies continued to be celebrated eternally (well, almost). For the 19th time, I am sure it means something! May I put forward to you the “National Real Estate Convention 2008” or what the real estate fraternity called it the “NREC”:

Theme: “Real Estate Leadership –Strategies for The 21st Century”
Date: 26 & 27 August 2008
Venue: Topaz Room, One World Hotel

This year is the turn for FIABCI to take the lead and I am proud to be appointed as the Deputy Organising Chairman for this Real Estate Event of the year. Gathering the best real estate strategists and leaders in this fastest growing region of the world, we are ready to launch officially the logo of the “NREC” moving forward, not mentioning the refreshing programme that we are presenting to you for the first time!

Ready to “Trump” in Real Estate? Move your mouse and click here.

or you can always contact Ms Charlene Lim at +603-62035090/ 62035091!

Here is a piece of copy writing that I have penned for NREC this year after some serious brain storming with the organising committee:

“The turns of century have traditionally been turbulence, time and again testified. It is a time where the strongest survives and the emergence of real icons that truly changed the world for the rest of the century.

21st century is no difference. Natural disasters are now timely affairs and the many inconvenient truths have all stricken fears into mankind. Never before, we are faced with few options to move forward, tasting the bad fruits only of our own doings. We are being ushered into an inflation quantum leap, like it or not.

To win in real estate in this uncertain time of high fuel price and high costs requires real leadership. It is the leaders with the towering foresights that turns crisis into opportunity, from the smearing red sea to the real blue ocean. In each of these masterstrokes, winning strategies are devised as a result of astute leadership.

NREC gathers these industry leaders under one roof over two days to share their winning strategies in four carefully selected sessions. The practical and intellectual exchanges shall stimulate your blinks to move forward in a blueprint to last for the rest of the century. Realising such gravity of NREC, our honourable Minister of the Housing and Local Government has in fact set aside his valuable time for the MUST-ATTEND real estate convention of the year.

Your thoughts shall be tuned to be next winner in real estate.”

I am sure you know what to do. See you there for I shall be your Master of Ceremony for the entire NREC!

Check Mate again! Beijing made historical footsteps for the 29th time in celebration of human excellence!

080808 is a proud day for any one of Chinese decent or in fact every human being. We all knew that China has arrived but in the magnificent “Bird Nest”, the Sleeping Giant of the East has announced his awakening in style! Let’s celebrate the highlights of humanity at the home of human civilization. Victory is already guaranteed, for all mankind at least!

Victory for CA Intern – Tuck Choy, we are proud of you!

Well, Tuck cut short his CA internship with our best blessing is paying dividend! May we present to you:

Mr Lim Tuck Choy, the Winner of The 3rd LAWASIA National Moot Competition 2008, representing the National University of Malaysia.

The legal eagle has landed laud and clear. Just remember your “Bird Nest” in CA! Ha!

Victory on guard for CA’s CLP warriors! Crossing our fingers for all of you!

Josephine, Velene, Calvin, Jeremy and William – you have done well for you have given your best! CA is looking for a Clean Sweep for all of you and is busy practicing the guards of honours awaits your victory!

CA Recruitment

I guess my Padawan quotas are reserved for the CA’s CLP warriors! Kalai has been selected by the JPA to serve her scholarship bond immediately and she has certainly taken the best of CA with her even with the short stint that she have with us.

With great anticipation, Josephine, Velene and Calvin (September) are back to add some familiarity to the CA team.

Also if everything goes well, we shall see another lawyer starting with us as early as next week. Stay tuned!

CA Interns – Ishmael is waiving goodbye to CA this Friday and we would certainly miss his cheeky humour! Our next intern on card? We are going Vietnam next. He should start in November as we celebrate our 5th anniversary.

Last Word

We celebrate the Journey; not the Destination!