It’s MAY fair in CA!

Here is the great start that came early in the morning in my mailbox in these early days of May…

“Dear Chur’s Associates,

I would wish to thank your side for the excellent consultancy services from your side for the successful purchase of my new home. I didn’t regret to choose your firm which was recommended by Miss Y.Y. Lau. Your staff Miss Ting Ting was very helpful and informative in handling my case.

Your restaurant-like concept firm makes me change the way I see an orthodox lawyer firm.

I’m satisfied with the services provided and will not doubt to recommend your firm to my friends.” ~ (in Verbatim)

Well done, Ting Ting! Well done, CAtizens!

We are restaurant-like; we have “Menu” and we serve! It’s our 6nature™!

MAY we present to you…

The unmistaken CA 6nature™; we have launched the concept briefly as we celebrate our 6th Anniversary last year.

We would like to introduce you again these 6 service standards of CA every month from now leading you nicely to our 7th Birthday in November.

Here is CA 6nature™™ No. 1 – “Minutes Delivery”

“Minutes recording are the backbone of achieving specific tasks and it’s important to get them out quickly. With CA, you will get the Minutes the next business day after any meeting. Importantly, at each meeting we get all parties to commit to the deliverables then and there. This will help keep the momentum and help everyone achieve results.”
This is effective from 6 May 2010.

Long MAY these continue…


… if it don’t, please contact Jing Yi, our Junior Partner for Service.

Jing Yi graduated in law from National University of Malaysia and gaining her basic experience in banking and general Litigation while reading in Chamber. During her study, Jing Yi has been active in Moot Competitions and various extra-curricular activities.

Being a legal practitioner, her knowledge in law serves the society and community. Jing Yi is now a partner of the Firm and is responsible for CA’s Litigation, Intellectual Property and Family portfolio.

Designated as a Partner for Service, Jing Yi maintains the level of service provided by the entire CA team to ensure a standard befitting of the Chur Associates’ brand. CA strongly upholds its relentless commitment to first class service delivery, and Jing Yi is responsible for ensuring this philosophy is maintained in everyday workings of CA. As such, she is also responsible for attending to any point of concern raised by our clients.

Chur Associates® very own 6nature™ is within her purview.

CA Talentime

As preview in the last post, Alice has officially joined us. If you not already knew, we have 4 more CAtizens in June – Wing, Rachel, Cheng Yee & Wai Kiat! Stay tuned.

Here is a reminder, CA is closed on 27th May 2010 as all CAtizens shall be attending a customised training session called “Taking you to the Next Step”.

As always, we invest time and effort to serve YOU better!

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Last Word

We are not here for a long time but for a GOOD time! Remember to SMILE : )