Vuvuzela in the Air!

The world is waking up to the South African horns for the Greatest Show on Earth! Are you ready to follow the path of the next winner of the Coupe de Monde?

Bring on the FIFA World Cup for the first time in the Lost Continent! Fingers crossed for the 3 lions…

We are going into Half Time for 2010, adjustment to the strategy deployed is required to ensure Victory by the end of 2010.

You are only as strong as your weakest link…

While we are celebrating some encouraging comments on our services (including a testimony in kind for Ee Zheng who spots a new ‘B’randed purse, a gift from the client for a job well done by the client), there is a growing concern over our frontline in managing the incoming contacts. We are allocating time and resources to rectify this and appreciate your understanding for any inconvenience. It’s a growing pain but we are not buying it…

While the Samba Boys lived by the philosophy that attack is the best form of defence, you wouldn’t make it without a reliable back 4 as the history has illustrated time after time… Football after all is a team sport!

Team selection…

There is this saying that “the Team selects itself” when the talents are obvious – just get the best players out there!

However, the all-stars ‘Galacticos’ experience of Real Madrid showed us that it is not that simple. It must first and foremost be a TEAM and it need to be refreshed from time to time.

Therefore while we wave goodbye to our lovely interns Melanie and Alexandria, we have added:

  • Wing a defender into our Account and Admin department;
  • Rachel a winger, as an understudy for 9 months into our attacking option;
  • Cheng Yee (Kenny) a holding midfielder that support Nadia; and
  • Wai Kiat a goal keeper that required his internship exposure with everything throws at him
    into our team selection.

Key Player…

Ting Ting

In this regard, introducing Ting Ting ( our Junior Partner for Talents!

Ting Ting
Ting Ting graduated from University of Malaya with LL.B (Honours) in 2006. She read in chamber at M/S Ghani & Co.

Ting Ting commenced her practice as a legal assistant at M/s Ghani & Co. practicing in the area of Corporate Banking focusing on Islamic Financing advice and documentation. She has developed a niche in Islamic instrument involving concepts of Ijarah, Kafalah Wakalah, Musyarakah and Murabahah Tawarruq.

She is now responsible for the Firm’s Banking and Company Secretarial portfolio as a partner of Chur Associates®.

Designated as a Partner for Talents, Ting Ting is the head of staff that advises the Firm on the talent requirement from time to time based on the growth of the Firm. This is to ensure that an appropriate level of personnel is maintained in order to meet the requirements necessary to support a highly knowledgeable team providing our brand of legal services. Therefore, Ting Ting is also in charge of the Firm’s internal communication.


If “Total Football” is orange colour of the Dutch team, CA wears its 6nature™ on its skins.

Here is CA 6nature™ No. 2 – “Timely Quotation” to be effective immediately:

“One of the worst things about engaging a law firm is worrying about the costs – and what you’re getting billed for. At CA it is our policy to give you an idea of costs quickly and at the very moment you engage our services. We don’t want you to be scared by hidden and uncertain fees – we’re upfront with it. You are making informed decision all the time!”

This is what the quotations shall look like:CA-Quotation-6N2 & Corp-Qoutation-6N2

Training regime…

90 minutes of good show required hours of hard training all around from fitness, skills, and endurance to practising set pieces, free kicks and even the art of penalty taking. It is also important to prepare the players mentally to sharpen their focus, awareness and the reading of the game.

As we are in the Human Business, CAtizens have successfully gone through the training “to the next level”. The Team is more aware of who they are individually and collectively aligned to the mission of CA! Thankyou Tariqua and Sekar of and we look forward to the follow up session next week.


I am a proud recipient of FIABCI Medal of Merit by World President Lisa Kurrass, a selected few picked to honour contribution to the FIABCI World at large. I might just be the youngest ever recipient in the history of FIABCI. This just given me a licence to attend the exclusive Medal Holders Dinner – one of the highlights of the FIABCI World Congress starting with Cyprus next year.

More importantly, I have earned a lot of good friends in my year as the President of the FIABCI Young Members for the world.

Congratulation to NK (Tong) a good friend who has been recently installed as the President of REHDA KL (Real Estate Housing Developers Association, Kuala Lumpur)! His official journey has begun and I am sure NK will excel in his new responsibility.


A special mention to our very first German Intern Melanie Echterhoff who has done some great jobs in laying structured processes in our talents management. The “CAtizens Guide” is the grand jewel on the crown; you will get a copy when you become a CAtizen! Will give you some sneak previews of the content in our next issue!

CA in the news

Last Word

Life is like Football, a game of all possibilities; you will never know until the final whistle!

Be creative within the rules…