Half Time!

It is now the 6th month of the “new year” and as such it is time to adjust and reassess any weaknesses in our ‘Game Plan’. It is time to look at ourselves as a whole and determine what works for us as a team, that strives to be the best, and what doesn’t before the whistle blows on the second half.

A Lifelong Lesson…

On the 7th of June I made a trip to Singapore to pay a visit to the world renowned author Ron Kaufman. He is the number 1 guru on customer service. He is a man I truly admire as I have learned so many things from his classic book ‘Up Your Service’. One lesson I will never forget is that going the extra mile for your customers does not cost anything! My take is that you just need to be thoughtful. It can be small, simple and really SWEET!

1) CA Talentime

We welcome Azizah , Mastura , Valerie, KJ and Tim on board for the months of May and June. Azizah will be working hand in hand with Cathy in the accounts department while Mastura will be assisting one of our JPs that is Ee Zheng. Valerie being a practicing lawyer will be working mostly in real estate.As for KJ,he will be my latest ‘Padawan’ and Tim will be doing an internship with the Firm for 2 months starting as my temporary PA in place of Sabrina who is on her study leave. Thanks to these new recruits we now have a 25% increase in staff strength.

Although,we have many new extensions to the family we also have lost a valuable member namely , Shiqin who has left us to work in her family owned restaurant. We wish you the best of luck Graduate Shiqin!

2) CA in the news

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Last Word

To move on in life, it is imperative to FORGIVE your Past, PERMIT your Present and BELIEVE your Future!

Trust me, you are always good enough!