Second Half!

The whistle was at its loudest in name of the ‘BERSIH’ rally the event that swept the nation by storm!

However, no property was damaged, no violence was instigated, no crimes were committed and no trash were found on the streets caused by the ‘Rakyat’ that gathered in the name of peace.

This shows the strength that humanity possesses. Our nation has time and time again proven this.

Here at CA, we have instilled the faith of humanity in us to repay your trust with miracles in abundance!

Chur Associ8s! (Not a Typo!)

When November comes we will be in our 8th year of serving you! In September 2009 we embarked on a mission to the Moon as in 6Nature®. We chose the Moon not because it is easy but because it is hard.

Now we are preparing to land for a mission accomplished.

Watch this place as we celebrate your support throughout our journey.


YPO Malaysia’s “A Personal Odyssey: An 8-Day NLP Certification”for Key Execs, Family and Friends, 18-25 September 2011

I have attended this course before and found it to be very helpful! The idea behind Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) is to explore the amazing inner workings of the mind. :how we think , how we develop our desires, goals and fears.

Simply put you will be able to think more clearly about what is it you want and more importantly you will figure out how exactly to get that.

If you would like to register or receive further information please contact Chris Tan by e-mail at

1) CA Talentime

For the month of July we welcome back Sabrina to CA from her study leave! I’m sure you did well! I also have a new Padawan named Ivy! Welcome! I sense the Force is strong in you!

This is also a month for joy as Chye En has now given birth to a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations! She will be returning to us in September after her maternity leave.

Not only should we be happy for Chye En but for Ting Ting too as she will be bringing her first child into the world next month! All the best Ting Ting!

2) CA in the news

Nanyang Siang Pau – Saturday Columns on Entrepreneurship

Nanyang Siang Pau – Sunday Columns on Real Estate

Guang Min

Featured on the cover of the Sunday supplement, I share on my first book,Turning Green.

BFM 89.9

The Property Show on The Business Station at 89.9fm

Don’t forget to tune in on this online tv show where I will be the guest host every Wednesday from 9.00pm-9.30pm to comment on current affairs.

As usual, I will be “Telling It Like It Is” every Tuesday and Thursday as an anchor from 11am to 1pm.

Last Word

Listen to your fear but don’t obey it!

Face your fear, and you have NO FEAR!