“CAtizens, prepare for landing…”

The ‘CA”lebration continues as 2011 marks the 8th Anniversary of CA’s successful service embedded in our very own 6nature® launched two years ago. Now, this is our version of moon landing.

That’s right! Our mission to the Moon (6nature®) is self imposed! Challenge and adversity are both the core necessities of growth. To strengthen the CA team and make us stronger as a unit, we took off for the Moon in November 2009!

As we are about to plant our foot prints on the Moon, we take the liberty to thank everyone who has been an excellent Associate to us for this brief period of time. Without our Associates in YOU, CA will not be your preferred service provider that we are today. We therefore welcome all of you into the “Associ8s Assembly” with our post card from the Moon pronouncing you with a new name “CAssoci8” with pride!

CAtizens, prepare for landing…

We have came a long way since the beginning of CA we have beaten the odds and now the Moon is in sight. The execution might not have been perfect; but the result was certainly desirable. We thrive in this unprecedented mission. CA was not created to be just ordinary and my team demands only greatness from CA. They are here in CA to be part of the Championship winning team, the one that wins year after year.

Completing this mission is only part of the journey and we believe we control our destiny. This is what defines CA as a team! Check out your mail box soon, your Uniquely Numbered Card might just surprise YOU!

CA is worth it, I believe. YOU are worth it too!

“My name is BOND, you know the rest…”

I am most honoured to be invited by my alma matter – Bond University to give a talk on my first book ‘Turning Green’ which is somewhat my life journey ignited by my unexpected Bond Experience. The special day is 19 October 2011.

The Bond Law School has coined the title – ‘Staying motivated in the legal professional; an international perspective” by Chris Tan, Chur Associates, Malaysia and Author of ‘Turning Green’.

This is a proud moment in my life and I am sharing it with my wife and more importantly my parents who missed that part of my life almost entirely.

Being the Chartered President of the Rotaract Club of Bond University, I have a special meeting with the Rotaractors to embrace the Club’s present and future with the past of how it all got started. The history, the memories, the nostalgia; all in the photos from the good ol’ days!

CA Talentime

There goes our Tim Dawson (No. 20) and Hann Jian (No. 21) who have both completed their internship in CA. We in CA wish you best of luck in the upcoming challenge. May I pronounce both of you our “CAmbassadors” as you promote the good news of CA in your journey of life until we crossed path again! Looking forward in a few days time, we will host Robert Millard (No. 22) from Bond University for his 3 weeks internship with us.

At the same time, we want to announce our new account assistant, Man Man. She is the baby among us! Welcome onboard and we will take extra Care!

Talking about baby, our partner Ting Ting just gave birth to a healthy baby boy and she is now on maternity leave until November.

CA in the news

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As usual stay tune in on this online tv show where I will be the guest host every Wednesday from 9.00pm-9.30pm to comment on current affairs in Madarin.


I will “Tell It Like It Is” every Thursday as an anchor from 11am to 1pm. This is an English programme with commentary on current affair and certain thematic discussion.

Last Word

Learning from the GPS – there is always another way to reach your destination. It just needs to be re-calculated every time you made the wrong move!

Your GPS will never declare that you are lost, that’s the spirit of the real ENTREPRENEUR!