Sally is a Malaysian married to a UK citizen and she was informed that her new born baby girl abroad is not eligible for dual nationality, i.e. both the Malaysia and British nationality..


In April 2010, the Government of Malaysia has set equal footing for both Malaysia parent stating that children born abroad to mothers of Malaysia nationality are qualified for Malaysia citizenship.

As such, the qualifications to such privilege are as follow:-

  1. One of the parents is a Malaysian citizen.
  2. Both parents and the child shall appear before the consulate officer within one (1) year from the date of birth of child.
  3. Form B and Appendix A.15(2) must be completed and submitted together with necessary documents. (All applications for citizenship matters require the use of original forms.)

Please find the sample form in the attached link below:-

Applications can be made at any Malaysian Consulate abroad or the nearest NRD office in Malaysia.

Thus, Sally’s baby girl is not required to renounce her UK citizenship and is entitled to choose either one of the nationalities upon turning 21 years old.

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