Helen has received nothing else from her lawyer except for the access cards and keys to a condominium that she recently purchased. She was informed that the sale and purchase transaction has been duly completed and there is nothing more to be delivered by the lawyer. Is that true?


Helen should have the important documents such as sale and purchase agreement, title, deed of assignment etc for her safe keeping! In a nut shell, these important documents shall proof the chain of ownership of the property.
Below is a table of important documents that Helen should have received from her lawyer:-
*Other security documents shall include all important documents from the previous dealing. For example:-

  • SPA for all previous sale and purchase transaction
  • Deed of Assignment (by way of transfer) for all previous sale and purchase transaction
  • Facility Agreement, Deed of Assignment (by way of security), Power of Attorney, Deed of Receipt and Reassignment for all previous sale and purchase transaction (only applicable if loan financing is involved in previous dealing)

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