Alicia, as a rear seat passenger is on her ‘Balik Kampung’ journey this Chinese New Year. She is instructed by her dad to fasten her seat belt for personal safety, yet she refuses as buckling the seat belt makes her felt uncomfortable and uncool! She told her dad that seat belts are only mandatory for the front seats. Is that true?


It is compulsory for rear passengers to fasten their seat belts pursuant to the Motor Vehicles (Safety Seat Belt) Rules 1977 (2008 Amendment), under the Road Transport Act 1987, effective since 1 January 2009.
Pursuant to Section 119(2) of the Road Transport Act 1987, Alicia is liable for a fine up to RM2,000.00, or 6 months’ jail and, if she repeatedly fails to comply, the fine will be increased to RM4,000.00, or one year jail, or both.

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