The New Cycle of CA – from +1 to +2?

In 2017, Chur Associates is celebrating our 14th years anniversary, 14 is an adolescent age like the young teenager forming the identity. Yes, CA has come a long way to establish our presence in the market.

Last year, our anniversary theme is +1 and we focus on collaboration. This year, shall we just call it +2?

For this our 14th year, the theme is IIVAIIIIAVII. It’s a secret code among the CAtizen and those who are in close association with us – YOU! Simply, it reads “One For All, All For One”.

Borrowed from the classic of the Three Musketeers, the theme is selected as teamwork is very important for CA to move forward and keep growing. One CA for all CAtizens, and all CAtizens for one CA; Different teams guided with common objectives under one roof, but we all are the main columns to support and strengthen the roof.

So, let’s see what CA did to support the CAtizens and what CAtizens did to support CA.

New Year New Start for CAtizens!

CAtizens back to work after short break of Chinese New Year. Fully recharged and ready to go further!

Gong Xi Fatt Chai to friends of CAtizens!

CAtizens celebrate the Chinese New Year with CA Suppliers that support CA for many years. Thanks for long support and grow with CA.

Selamat Buka Puasa!

CAtizens celebrate the Buka Puasa together, one festival for all CAtizens.

The Regeneration of CA…

We have CAtizens that graduated from the CAstle, and also we have new CAtizens joining the CAstle.

All the best to Graduates Calvin, Ee Zheng, Rachel, Quinne, Anna, Fazi and Nycol.
And of course congratulations to CAtizen Noelle for your admission as Junior Partner taking charge of “Knowledge” in the CAstle.

To Wan Yi, Xiao Xuan, Vi Kee and Shikin, welcome on board.

CA keeps growing, firming the stand in the market…

We appreciate the supports from our clients and warm contacts. Here’s the Client Appreciation Networking event (CAN) to thank the companion of our clients throughout 2017.

Update on the New Companies Act and the impacts & opportunities for Entrepreneurs.

After the implementation of the Companies Act, it’s important to keep our client update and also identify the challenges and opportunities.

Culture Before or Culture After?

it’s about the CA Culture, the extraordinary culture for traditional businesses.

Shake & Spear Your Business, The Journey to be continued…

CAtizen Chris Tan as the Romeo in Shake & Spear Your Business work with Culturistic, born the 2nd batch of ShakeSpeareans. Now we are open for 3rd batch registration. Register NOW!

To celebrate our anniversary, it’s time to “Ha+Ha”!

All CAtizens will be traveling as One to recharge in “Ha”noi and “Ha”long Bay from 4 Nov 2017 to 7 Nov 2017. We will be back to serve you on 8 Nov 2017.

And one more thing, “you can’t save the world alone”! One for all and all for one Movie night with the Justice Leaguge on CAtizens! Email to claim your ticket, first come first serve.