CA fully recharged from our Ha+Ha trip

CAtizens back from Hanoi and Halong Bay, our annual company trip to celebrate our 14th Anniversary as a Firm. Now we are fully recharged to serve you better.

Happy Birthday to CA and CAtizen Chris!

It’s CA’s 14th year-old and CAtizen Chris’ 41st year-old! Happy Birthday! And we keep in mind our theme of the year: One for All, All for One IIVAIIIIAVII

CAlebration continue with Justice League

Happiness is multiplies when we share it. Since we can’t save the world alone; hence we invited our clients and friends to watch it together, to share the happiness, to save the world together in our very own Justice League (movie outing).

Client Appreciation Networking (CAN): Funding Your Business

Given that Funding is crucial in sustaining your business and it is always our objective to grow with our clients, we have crafted the theme of our latest CAN as “Funding Your Business”. Special thanks to our invited speaker Mr Ching Chee Pun in sharing the topic of “How to Increase Success Rate to get Business Funding” and our very own Chris in addressing the softer side of getting funding for your business.

Merry Xmas to All from CAtizens!

CAtizens celebrate Christmas as usual, a festive of sharing. We work hard, we think hard and we play hard.

Walk Down the Memory Lane of CA

CA is a 14 year-old teenager now. While we look back, we learned, we grow and we move on. The memory is valuable to CAtizens and always good for us to refresh it. We had a brief display in our Castle for the CA Museum.

Special Thanks to our latest Graduate…

Thanks to our graduate Cathy for her about 10 years service in CA. We wish her all the best in her new life as a committed mother to bring out the best for her lovely children.

3 new DeCAdians

We are proud to admit 3 new DeCAdians in 2017 for CAtizen Jing Yi, CAtizen Jeff and CAtizen Cathy. Thank you for your years of srrvices and look forward for more to come.

Welcome 2018, our very 1st Rhythm Meeting of the year and our new JP…

CAtizens received the very 1st open letter from the CAptain Chris Tan, and set the goal of the year “4M4P442” which is now on meaningful secret code for all CAtizens. We welcome our new Junior Partner, CAtizen Vi Kee who designated the Partner of Communication effective February 2018!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

CA will be off for Chinese New Year from 16/2 to 19/2. We will back to serve you on 20/2 as usual.