Gong Xi Fatt from CAtizens

CAtizens wish all CA friends Happy Chinese New Year and prosperity in this year of Dog. This year the CAtizens enjoy the first “Pun Choy” in Pullman Hotel Bangsar, and congratulations to our CAtizen Aina for winning the Grand Prize to 2D1N holiday!

CA Best “Hui Chun”

“Hui Chun” or “Fai Chun” is a kind of Chinese art to write some phrases on red piece of paper which means good luck and prosperity. And this year we have a competition among CAtizens and congratulations to winner CAtizen Ting Ting. Her phrase is 億才齐聚于此 , 達成客需则乐, which means million of talents are gathered here, and happy to serve our valued clients according to their requirement.

CA as Contributor in Strata Management Handbook

Chur Associates is proud to be a contributor to the publication of this Strata Management Handbook byRehda Institute, officially launched on 29 April 2018.

CA Main Drivers – The Partners

They are the main drivers that lead the firm to move further in a team, with a common goal – the Partners of the firm: CAtizen Chris, Jing Yi, Ting Ting, Noelle and Vi Kee. And let’s welcome another consultant to join CA to make sure our movement are in the same rhythm: Christopher Wong, officially onboard on May 2018.

CAN Event: IP Protection, Infringement and Enforcement

In accordance with World IP Day on April, our CAN event on 27 April with topic: IP Protection, Infringement and Enforcement. Open for public which intended to create awareness of importance of IP, legal protection and the potential dispute.

CAN Event: Cryptocurrency, Block Chain, Technology & You

On 31 May, our CAN event will be sharing about Cryptocurrency, Block Chain, Technology & You. Open for public who interested to know how this Cryptocurrency relates to you and affect your life.

Improve Your Skills

Some other programmes that you might interested, coach by CAtizen Chris
1. Shake & Spear The Journey workshop – together with Freda Liu, to arm you with soft and hard skills in doing the business. Complete the 2 days workshop and be the official ShakeSpeareans. Date: 18 & 19 May
2. Improve Your Communication with NLP – do you know how to connect with others? By learning how to use your verbal and non verbal language, and understand the real message, it will improve your communication in daily life. Date: 7 & 8 June