On 26th September 2013, we receive 1 question from Mr. Sam Son:-
Last month I applied a loan from Mach by Hong Leong Bank which they normally helps to approve fast loan ( like within two hours) for RM15k on the 16th of August. the loan was approved on the same day.

I got my new HL bank account created on the same day since this is the first time I have business with them.The money I loan was for the investment purpose.

5 days later, HL connect send me an email for security update, so I signed in the link they provided and follow what it tells me to do.That was during working hour so I made a very rush sign in and leave it.

I received a two message later ask me to type in the TAC number for the security update, I followed.I got some walk in customer so I close down the page and serve my customer for few minutes.After the customer walk out, I try to sign in the webpage again but it failed, so I call the customer service and they told me that might be because I forgot to log out the previous time so I have to wait for two hours to log in later.

I ask the malay girl is that possible for someone actually log in my account and doing something with it without me knowing and she said is normal if you forgot to log out, things like this happened.

What happened few minutes later is I got the message from HL bank that my account had made two transaction and transfer 10k out to two different account.

I Immediately call the center to tell them I didn’t make the transaction and ask them to cancel it but they said it has been done and cannot be cancel.

I’ve made the police report and past it to the bank as well and they said they will help me to investigate about it.

Two weeks later they said they can only helps me to get back 2k from one of the account the money has been transfer to.

I said if they took the immediate action when I called the malay girl I maybe wont lost the money, they said they will have to investigate again.

Today, after a month plus since things happened, they called and tell me the bank has investigate and decided they don’t need to take any responsible for my lost, that’s it.

Not to mention I can’t invest on the business I planned to but I still have to pay for the loan for the next five years.

Can I sue the bank for the terrible service and delay on so many things?

What can I do on this?

I really wish you guys can give me a good advise for what can I do next.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Good day.

Dear Sam,

Upon perusal of the information that was provided, we opine that you may lodge a complaint to Bank Negara Malaysia for further advise on the matter. The information for complaint can be found here: http://www.bnm.gov.my/index.php?ch=en_complaint_redress&lang=en

Kindly be informed that email is the quickest way to lodge a complaint, please provide your name, address, contact numbers and any supporting documents when lodging the complaint.

However, the chances of getting the funds back is rather low as the funds have been transferred into someone else accounts since no banks are allowed to deal with funds in their client’s account without any authorization from the client.

Meanwhile, it is not feasible for filing a civil suit on the matter due to the high cost.

We hope the above clarifies.